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Polish unambiguous PluginAware.apply() overloads

Synthetic repository used for Gradle src resolution uses artifact sources

This prevent Gradle source resolution failures when GRADLE_METADATA

feature preview is enabled

Mention incremental annotation processing in release notes

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Do not register an implicit capability for each module

but do it on demand only. This basically avoid most of conflict registration, because currently

most modules do not declare any capability.

Merge pull request #4700 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/docs

Document incremental annotation processing

Polish KotlinBuildScriptCompiler

Polish CharSequenceExtensions

Refine Project.buildscript(ScriptHandlerScope.() -> Unit) extension

Extract internalError() further

De-incubate Google repository (#4725)

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Refine reified PluginAware.apply(to) extensions overloads

Favor unambiguous PluginAware.apply() overloads in tests

Introduce unambiguous PluginAware.apply() overloads

Merge pull request #4715 from gradle/hansd/kotlin-dsl/dependenciesMetadata

Moved dependencies metadata rules into buildSrc

Wrap all output chain initialization inside a LazyListener

Make example processors Java 7 compatible

Mention two contributors in release note

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Rename isolated annotation processors to "isolating"

To be symmetric with "aggregating".

Fix incorrect estimate cost of fetching metadata

This commit fixes the caching module component repository, which returned a wrong answer

in case of missing modules. When a module was missing from the repository, the answer

was `FAST`, implying that it was cheap to get metadata for the module. However, if there

are more than one repository, this would prevent other repositories from telling if getting

metadata is cheap.

What happened then is that if a module was missing from all repositories, we would answer

that it's fast to get the metadata, and not perform parallel download of metadata.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix test on Windows

De-incubate several Groovy compile options

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Promote `Project#findProperty`

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    • +3
Merge pull request #4734 from gradle/wolfs/kotlin-dsl/remove-unnamed-os-tests

Remove remaining references to org.gradle.integtest.unknownos

Deduplicate should not happen exception creation

Polish KotlinBuildScriptCompiler

by favoring org.gradle.util.TextUtil over shaded openapi import

Refine KotlinBuildScriptCompiler

by moving block ranges extraction to lazy fields

Change lib dir to exclude any files both in deploy and earlib configurations. (#4381)

Fix some flakiness with SeucrityManagerIntegrationTest

Merge pull request #757 from gradle/eskatos/embedded-kotlin/repository-metadata

Let the embedded kotlin repository be registered as artifacts-only