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Keep empty fingerprint instance in Identifier

Add file name as input to artifact transforms

Sorting directory children is not required any more

Merge branch 'release'

Handle empty roots in Fingerprint.from

Remove FileSystemSnapshotter.getContentHash

This changes the path sensitivity for artifact transforms to


Expose input file snapshots to build operation listeners (#6153)

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Remove bigEmpty scenario

After consultation with @oehme, removing this scenario as it's very

unrealistic and caused a performance regression to be reported that was

not above threshold on any other scenario, all or which are more


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Rename snapshotAll

Merge branch 'release'

Publish 4.10-20180802075213+0000

Disable daemon in noDaemonTest (#6149)

In we disabled daemon for some certain

subprojects, however, all subprojects' `noDaemonTest` requires allDistribution, which

in turn invokes userguide task. This PR disabled daemon for `noDaemonTest`, given that

noDaemonTest is excuted once a day.

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Auto format

Merge pull request #6157 from gradle/lptr/transforms/fix-dependency-resolve

Ignore artifact transforms when resolving Task.getTaskDependencies()

Look for domain objects created by rules in named

Look for domain objects created by rules in named

Publish 4.10-20180802061330+0000

Update third party plugin versions in smoke tests

Rationalise method names

Publish 4.10-20180802051419+0000

Polish Javadoc

Remove marker interface for detecting decorated listeners

Use proxy peeling instead


Simplify and separate application ID stack from listener decoration

Appease checkstyle

Simplify application ID stack

Avoid non-conventional equals implementation

Also makes the intent clearer

Fix method visibility

Rename fields for conciseness

Nest types for conciseness