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Switch the Java Gradle plugin development plugin from the `java` plugin to `java-library`


Merge pull request #2505 from gradle/gh/worker-api/groovy-executable

Fix issue with compiler daemons absorbing too much configuration from task

Fix integ test expectations (2d try)

Limit the type of attributes to types we can make immutable

This commit restricts the possibilities of custom types for attributes. Since attributes are used in various

places, potentially different classloaders or even different process, we need a stable way to make them

both snapshottable and serializable. This commit is the first step, by making it impossible to create attributes

with arbitrary types.

Types that we support include:

- scalar types, which are primitive types (and their wrappers), `File` or `String` (aka, known immutables)

- a type extending `Named`, in which case it is expected to create values using the `ObjectFactory`

- an enum

- an array of the above (arrays are not immutable, but we can create immutable values out of arrays)

Some tests had to be adjusted, because they didn't match those constraints. Future work will include possibilities

to include richer types.

Move test fixture to AvailableJavaHomes

Allow non-isolated workers to submit nested work

Update wrapper

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Merge pull request #2491 from gradle/oehme/tooling-api/early-evaluation

Fix too early configuration of projects in TAPI

Update to use the released version of Play 2.6

Make progress display name mostly consistent

It should be sentence case and continuous present tense. I adjusted the

Javadoc examples and fixed the simple to fix cases.

`DefaultConfiguration` and `DefaultLenientConfiguration` still do not

adhere to the convention (`Resolve ...`), but fixing those is a higher

effort since some tests (including tooling API tests) depend on it.

Re-baseline cold daemon performance tests

Accept slight regression in daemon startup in favor of other

improvements (see also 650208d)

Rebaseline largeMonolithicJavaProject with empty local cache

There is a slight regression due to us always packing first and then

starting to upload.

Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to latest release snapshot

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Describe how to fix violation in compatibility report

+review REVIEW-6552

Fix integration tests expectations

Revert "Change to getClass() from instanceof (#2117)"

This reverts commit 5df3e0126992270844f189793407bb016c18271c.

There was a major performance regression with this commit.

Send total progress for progress logging with the progress start event

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Update wrapper to latest release snapshot

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Don't relocate javax.annotation

We now use the Nullable/Nonnull annotations from these packages and want

them to be part of the public api.



Use sentence case for progress logging of build cache ops

PR #2498

Merge branch 'play-2.6' of into release

Merge branch 'cc/bugfixes/issue-2480' into release

Moved test for Spring DM plugin into smoke tests

Added test that demonstrates issue with Spring DM plugin

by directly configuring a `beforeResolve` hook.

Use a separate type for dependency attribute mutation

Gradle prevents changes to dependencies after a configuration has

been resolved or has been involved in resolution (as a parent configuration

or as a referenced project dependency).

Now that we are tracking mutation to Dependency attributes, changes that

were previously silently ignored should now fail the build. However, this

is a breaking change that affects the Spring DM plugin, and other plugins

that modify dependencies in a `beforeResolve` hook.

To avoid this breakage, we use a separate mutation type that is not (yet)

prohibited on resolved configurations. This will permit us to prohibit

this with a full deprecation cycle.

Play compilers use the default worker directory when idle

Compiler daemons use the default worker directory when idle

Add some test coverage for fork options settings

Only fire mutation events when Dependency attributes are actually changed

Previously, we were firing mutation events on every setter, even if the dependency

was not modified. This triggered spurious mutation events in the Spring DM

plugin, which applies the same changes to the common dependencies in

a configuration hierarchy.

Add test for compiler daemon reuse across composites

This currently fails