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Bump FORMAT_VERSION number for Gradle module metadata

Bump the metadata cache version for addition of excludes

Use ModuleIdentifierFactory when creating ExcludeRules for module metadata

Merge pull request #3531 from gradle/lacasseio/core/release-note-guidelines

Add guidelines to

Address review feedback

Remove unused `attributes` field

Update release notes for kotlin-dsl 0.13.1

The upgrade to Kotlin 1.1.60 had to be reverted.

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Polish release notes for build cache team topics

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Code formatting

Add flag to disable transitive unresolved header detection

We should be able to fix this for good for 4.5 and make it possible to

resolve boost's headers. Currently, we can't, so we add a special flag

to revert to the behavior of 4.2 - i.e. not detecting unresolved headers

in transitive includes but only in the actual source files.

Make `getAttributes` not nullable

Fix binary compatibility check to recognize that `@since` should be ignored

on injected constructors

Add guidelines to

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InitBuild.buildScriptDsl @since 4.5

More coverage for maven build conversion to kotlin build scripts

Fixing minor formatting issue in generated groovy scripts found along

the way.

Build init integ test generating kotlin build scripts require a distro

For core plugins plugin-request accessors to be available, e.g.

plugins {



Build init escape plugin IDs in generated kotlin build scripts

Remove dead code

Merge branch 'release'

Support modification of strict dependencies in component metadata rules (#3511)

We also adjust the Gradle build to the change in the DependencyMetadata

interface temporarily and support both variants of the interface.

Rename cpp-executable to cpp-application

This is a breaking change.

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Don't check for a particular path to Gradle

Add test coverage for incremental builds with Swift projects

Pass Xcode parameters via project properties instead of environment variables

This works around issues with JDK9 environment variable passing

Avoid starting and stopping HTTP server twice per test

Write structured excludes to module metadata

Instead of an encoded "$group:$module" string keep the parts

separate in module metadata and in internal representations

of variant dependency excludes.

Update module metadata specification for exclude rules

Ensure that exclude rules are correctly cached for module metadata

Support consumption of dependency excludes from Gradle module metadata

- Support excludes on `ComponentVariant.Dependency`.

- Parse dependency excludes from module metadata and populate ResolveMetadata.

- Generate correct module metadata when exclusions are defined for a test module.

- Enable existing exclude tests for Gradle metadata.

Turn on test for exclusions with Ivy repositories

This tests general exclude functionality when excludes are sourced

from an Ivy repository. Tests for Ivy-specific exclude functionality

(exclude artifact by name/type, excludes defined for module, etc)

remain in ivy-specific tests.