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Revert "Update build scan plugin to 1.8"

This reverts commit 3ee424e807952df581c778222c7d958b25bc85a2.

Update build scan plugin to 1.8

Update build scan plugin to 1.8

Upgrade Build Scan Plugin to 1.8 in sample

Split TAPI tests to dedicated source sets

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Rename project to "Workers"

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Fix performance worker ID

Revert "Deactivate fail on change id comparison failure in performance tests"

This reverts commit d14619ffb4dd41992e3918818d59dc1d915530a9.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Util :: Performance' project: 'Individual Performance Scenario Workers - Linux' build configuration was removed

Fix parameter name "scenario"

Add configuration for Individual Performance Scenario Workers

Don't run the 'afterBuild' hook twice when using the no-daemon `GradleExecuter` implementation.

Take advantage of `extra` property initializers

See #307

Polish `EmbeddedKotlinPlugin`

- Migrate to new API

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Allow `extra` property initialization via lambda expression

See #307

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

- Compose methods

- Rename `EmbeddedKotlinProvider` methods to improve prose

- Dedupe `embeddedKotlinProvider` usage with `run`

- Favour indexer over explicit `getByName`

Polish `EmbeddedKotlinProvider`

- Compose methods

- Omit obvious type from vals

- Replace `<x>.run { <y>; this }` by `<x>.apply { <y> }`

- Keep type members one line apart instead of two

Remove unnecessary imports

Omit `Unit` return type

Allow `extra` delegated properties to be initialized at declaration

Resolves #307

Another attempt to fix int test on windows.

`embedded-kotlin` plugin now uses EmbeddedKotlinProvider service

See #385 and #386

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Polish TaskOutputCachingBuildCacheKeyBuilder

Embedded Kotlin dependencies are resolved from distribution for build script classpath

kotlin-stdlib and kotlin-reflect are also pinned to the embedded version

See #385

:benchmark puts daemon registries into build/tmp/benchmark

Add link to maven performance comparison

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Remove shared code style settings

Didn't work as expected.

Introduce `./gradlew benchmark --include-sample <pattern>`