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Polish internal plugin identifiers

- Get rid of the `Gsk` prefix

- Map PascalCase type names to camelCase collection ids to kebab-case

plugin ids

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Remove experimental native caching flag

Rebaseline native performance tests

This locks in the performance improvements we did for 4.4 and accepts

some regressions, which are due to Gradle now being more correct.

More specifically, the regressions to

- clean assemble on manyProjectsNative (12%)

- clean assemble on mediumCppAppWithMacroIncludes (4%)

- clean assemble on multiNative (0.9%)

Clarify potential breaking change regarding Test task refactoring

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Leverage upstream changes to settings pluginManagement.repositories

Binary compatibility check recognizes @since on added constructor

Resolve different variants when testing published module metadata

- Remove consumer attributes for most tests, depending on default variant

- Explicitly test resolution of 'api' and 'runtime' variants

Merge pull request #3397 from gradle/eljobe/xctest-in-xcode

Make XCTest depend on binary under test for swift

Revert "Add test case for #1061"

This reverts commit c92f176c541e374367b11944748528737fb4c044.

Fix publishing of constraints in case of dependency onto local components

Allow plugin projects to depend on each other

The plugin marker artifacts are just aliases for the actual

plugin and thus shouldn't lead to an exception when one plugin

depends on another.

Long term we'll probably want to model plugins as components and use

a dependency on a component instead of depending on the whole project.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Add test case for #1061

This was fixed in Gradle 4.3, but for a different reason. The

test case will make sure we don't accidentally break it again.

Tweak performance tests a little bit

Reduce expected size of task actions to save memory

The default size of an array list is 10 elements. But

most tasks only have 1 or very few actions. Reducing

the expected size lowers the memory usage of each task.

Adjust `GradleModuleMetadata` test fixture

Remove Colony Compatibility job

Not needed anymore

Follow up on #3347

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Add support for maven BOMs through optional dependencies

- If a "pom" only contains a <dependencyManagement> block and no

<dependencies> block, it is interpreted as "bom"

- Each dependency from the <dependencyManagement> block is then

added as optional dependency

Read and write `prefers` and `rejects` version constraints in Gradle metadata file

This commit changes the Gradle metadata file format to write version constraints instead of versions.

Instead of writing a single (preferred) version, the `version` block in the Gradle metadata format

for a dependency is now a proper `VersionConstraint`, with `prefers` and `rejects`.

The Gradle dependency metadata format spec has been adjusted.

Note that this commit does not introduce publishing of such metadata (at least, it doesn't prove that

it works): it only adds support for the feature.

Merge branch 'release'

Upgradle to 4.3.1

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Published 4.3.1

Let Gradle consume the plugin portal as a regular maven repository

Merge pull request #3347 from gradle/eskatos/plugins-dsl/repositories

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Update following up #586

See #576

Update integration tests for optimized IDEA dependencies

Update crossVersion tests to support optimized IDEA dependencies

Update unit tests for optimized IntelliJ IDEA dependencies scopes.

Fix build failure

Merge pull request #3404 from gradle/donat/ide/jdt-java-version

Fix Java version number in JDT properties file

Remove unnecessary Provider-methods on InstallExecutable

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