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Switch build JDK to OpenJDK 11

This PR does:

- Switch build JDK from Oracle JDK 9 to OpenJDK 11.

- Remove all unnecessary java7Home and java9Home system properties.

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Publish 5.0-20181122000022+0000

Migrate to the latest build cache API

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/maven/logging'

* origin/sg/maven/logging:

Remove unnecessary logging manager juggling

Fix typo in Kotlin DSL guide

Fix issue with leading zero in version numbers

If the numeric parts of either of two dependencies' version strings has

a differing number of leading zeroes, but parse as the same numerical

value, the comparison algorithm breaks out too early.

Signed-off-by: Kim Brouer <>

Merge pull request #7798 from gradle/eskatos/init/updateInitPluginTemplateVersionFile-groovy-kotlin

Update Groovy and Kotlin version ranges in :updateInitPluginTemplateVersionFile

Add crossVersionTests from languageJava

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Add build scan tag when executed from IDEA

The `BuildScanPlugin` now tries to detect if the build has been

executed from IDEA. It also tries to add the version as a custom


It seems like different versions of IDEA set different properties.

For example, I didn't see `idea.registered` and `` at

the same time, yet.

Only report work item events when requested

This commit changes the behavior when `OperationType.WORK_ITEM` is not

requested to be in sync with when `OperationType.TASK` is not requested,

namely that no work items (neither as typed events nor as generic build

operations) will be reported. While that will remove generic work item

events from clients that use old TAPI versions against Gradle >= 5.1,

these events were generic before and will thus most likely not be

missed at all.

TeamCity change in '<Root project>' project: 'Gradle Versioned Settings' VCS root was updated

Merge pull request #7790 from gradle/marc/insights/1666-java-compile-operation-result

TAPI: Make JavaCompile result orthogonal to task outcome

Fix Groovy and Kotlin ranges

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Also upgrade spock

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Address review feedback and fix tests


Update `SourceDistributionResolverIntegrationTest`

To account for the new modules in 5.1.

Update test to new dependencies report layout

Change `UserGuideLink` to point to `plugin_reference.html`

Only catch user code failure

Failures in the Gradle code should lead to build termination.

Merge pull request #7796 from gradle/eskatos/init/groovy-version

Let init use the same Groovy version as embedded for Groovy DSL

Capture transform dependencies as inputs

We assume absolute paths for now. Later we'll allow users to specify their own normalization.

Report task dependencies to TAPI listeners

The dependencies of a task are now reported as part of

`TaskOperationDescriptor`. If the information is not available due to

a pre-5.1 target version, an `UnsupportedMethodException` is thrown.

Merge pull request #7792 from gradle/oehme/daemon/minimum-memory

Fix for starting a single-use daemon when client has low memory

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Pin snapshot distro to 5.1

Remove TransformerExecutionHistoryRepository

The `TransformationWorkspaceProvider` now returns the required


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Merge pull request #7795 from gradle/eskatos/init/kotlin-version

Let init use the same Kotlin version as embedded for Kotlin DSL

Merge pull request #7739 from gradle/bamboo/master/handle-deferred-values-uniformly

Handle deferred values uniformly via `DeferredUtil`

Update :updateInitPluginTemplateVersionFile Kotlin version range for 1.3

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>