Sterling Greene
on 19 Jul
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/donat/test-debugging-property-api-spike' into release
* origin/donat/test-debugging-property-api-spike:… Show more
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/donat/test-debugging-property-api-spike' into release

* origin/donat/test-debugging-property-api-spike:

 Some bits in place to use Property API in DebugOptions

 Use FixedAvailablePortAllocator to find open ports for debugging

 Remove unused import

 Add test coverage for socket-attach based debugging

 Only one JVM should be forked in debug mode

 Resolve TODOs

 Remove tests that no longer apply to the production code

 Fix compatibility check failures

 Add test coverage for debugging JavaExec, project.javaexec and Test

 Restore defaults when debug = true used

 Rename debugTests() to debugTestsOn() in TestLauncher

 Reference Java 6 Java Debug documentation

 Show warning message when user supplies custom debug JVM args

 Resolve some review item

 Resolve review items

 Slightly increase maximum allowed size for TAPI jar

 Clean up cross-version test

 Add debug support to TestLauncher

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