Sterling Greene
on 02 Jul
Merge branch 'deprecate_http_download' of
* 'deprecate_http_download' of more
Merge branch 'deprecate_http_download' of

* 'deprecate_http_download' of

 Remove unused import from ObjectConfigurationAction

 Fix the naming of allowInsecureProtocol to use set & hide override API

 Fix DefaultServiceRegistry using '$' to indicate inner classes in errors

 Improve HttpClientHelper deprication error and strip user credentials in errors

 Fix minor format issues

 Fix the format of the GradleKotlinDslIntegrationTest

 Fixes failing ProjectConfigurationChildrenProgressCrossVersionSpec test

 Resolve additional failing tests

 Cleanup some unnessasary changes after depricate http changes

 Allow http for

 Fix HttpScriptPluginIntegrationSpec

 Fix compilation issues after merge

 Fix integration tests failing due to new dperication

 Fix failing after HTTP deprecation refactor

 Fix or accept public API changes for new HTTP acceptance

 Fix compilation errors introduced by TextUrlResource.Factory change

 Cleanup HTTP deprecation documentation and unused tests resources

 Deprecate download of resources over HTTP; Require opt-in

 Refactor HttpRedirectResolverIntegrationTest into Abstract Test

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