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Updated trainings

Tuned the documentation on our downloads web page. Exposed the nightly snapshots info, presented just below the latest release.

Put latest nightly documentation beneath the current release. The reason is that when they are down the bottom people hardly see it.

Fixed a broken link

Removed JAX Innovation Award image.

Updated information about our CI builds

Fixed the latest nightly documentation links on our main documentation page.

Added Düsseldorf Training and Jaxawards Icon

Fixed Munich training date

Added U.S. classes.

Updated broken training links

Updated training pages

Added new video links to org website.

Updated license.

Updates to docs and website publishing for new website hosting infrastructure.

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Updated links for repo, jira and wiki on the website.

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Updated training dates for website.

Updated training dates for website. Added qi4j to projects using Gradle.

Fixed training links

Changed Gradle Inc -> Gradleware on website

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Some updates to home page

Some website updates

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Some website updates

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Updates for new release download locations

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Some minor website updates: - fixed typos - removed hudson section from ci-server page - removed duplicate entry from 'who uses gradle?' section

Updated website to mention the dsl reference - Merged userguide.html and api.html into documentation.html - Fixed integration tests - Some layout changes for download.html and documentation.html

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Added UK training dates and Spring-Integration.

Updated training dates

Updated training dates and project using Gradle.

Some website updates: - uses the Gradle version the userguide docs were generated for, rather than the version in - fixed broken int tests - fixed some markup

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