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Move embedded plugins to the Gradle Plugins classloader

by moving them to the :provider-plugins project

and adding 2 SPI interfaces in order to share code with :provider

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

Use DefaultClassPath factory method instead of now unavailable ctor

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Search for project build files before searching for precompiled scripts

Remove redundant argument

Provide correct classpath for precompiled script plugins

The classpath of a precompiled script plugin is the compile classpath

of its enclosing source-set.

See #670

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Polish BuildSrcSourceRootsConfigurationAction

Reuse `KotlinScriptType` in `ScriptPlugin`

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Extract `KotlinScriptType` from `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

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Hardcode 'build' on both sides of buildSrc source roots resolution

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Fix buildSrc classpath invalidation between regular and ide modes

Previous implementation using a file added to buildSrc jar was a bad

idea, it would have invalidated the buildSrc classpath each time build

executions switch between regular and ide modes.

Put the file under `buildSrc/build` instead.

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Short circuit buildSrc source roots action when not in classpath mode

in order not to impact all other build executions

by extracting classpath mode switch to its own type

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Source sets and project dependencies in buildSrc source roots

A BuildSrcProjectConfiguration action creates a task that generates a

text file containing the source roots for the root buildSrc project and

all its runtime project dependencies.

This allows for correct buildSrc source roots resolution when editing

kotlin settings or build scripts in the presence of a multi-project

buildSrc build.

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lint: missing new line before ")"

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lint: horizontal whitespace

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lint: apply blank lines rule

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Treat `*.settings.gradle.kts` as `Settings` script plugins

Fixes #735

Follow-up work in #180

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Make `buildSrc` dependencies available to script plugins in the IDE

Resolves #728

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Serve the correct editor classpath for init scripts

Init scripts only see the core Gradle Kotlin DSL classpath (Gradle API + Kotlin

DSL API) and whatever is contributed to the `initscript` classpath


See #663

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Introduce exceptions in KotlinBuildScriptModel

from the ones collected when running in classpath mode

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Polish KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder

Move from jre7/8 to jdk7/8

Signed-off-by: StefMa <>

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Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

Polish `SourceDistributionProvider`

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Replace use of `DefaultModuleComponentIdentifier` by `#forModule`

Avoid resolving Kotlin lib sources more than once

Remove usage of `DefaultIdeDependencyResolver`

Use `` to avoid repeating `project.`

Rename `SourceDistributionResolver` to `SourceDistributionProvider`

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Lazily download Gradle sources when they aren't available

This commit implements lazy download of Gradle sources when they are not available. Previously,

the Kotlin DSL expected the `all` distribution to be used to provide proper IDE support. If this

distribution wasn't used (typically with the wrapper), then navigating to sources wasn't possible.

With this commit, if the sources are not available, Gradle will do its best to download the zip

of sources and make it available.

It does so by creating a temporary configuration that is used to reference the Gradle sources,

which are then exploded through a dependency transform, so that the IDE can use them.

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