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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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Introduce `@DontDeleteTemporaryFolder` for debugging

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Refine ForcefullyDeletedTemporaryFolder

by checking testClass for @LeaksFileHandles fixing the case where the

annotation is on the test class but the rule is a test rule, as opposed

to a class rule.

ScriptCachingIntegrationTest @LeaksFileHandles

Daemons hold their daemon log file open after the build has finished,

debug logging exacerbates this. This should be revisited once TestKit

provides a mechanism to control daemon termination.

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Fix ScriptCachingIntegrationTest isolation and fix flakiness

caused by changing test execution order

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Polish documentation comments

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Introduce `@LeaksFileHandles` annotation and mark offending tests

See #166

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Forcefully delete temporary folder upon test end

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