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Add more source dependency test coverage.

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Use a `NotationParser` in the source dependencies API to convert from module id expressed as a string into a `ModuleIdentifier` used for matching, so that the conversion logic can be shared rather than having multiple inconsistent implementations of this conversion. This change also removes the creation of many temporary strings during dependency resolution when source dependency mappings are defined.

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Remove the internal support for source dependencies from a directory. Now, all source dependencies must be hosted in a Git repository, which may be local.

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Some tweaks to source dependency error messages.

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Change int tests to use relevant fixture methods to express their expectations about the build log output.

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Added a placeholder API to allow a dependency to be declared on a particular branch of a component. This API is intended to be replaced as more/better support is added for selecting versions based on criteria other than matching on the 'version' attribute. It is only honored for source dependencies for now. Support for binary dependencies will be added at some point.

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Allow source dependencies to be used for build script classpaths and fix the case where a build defines included builds and VCS mappings.

Source dependencies are not yet supported for settings or init scripts.

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Add more coverage for injected plugins into an included build

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Move VCS source dependency related integ tests to versionControl

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Move AbstractVcsIntegrationTest tree to dependencyManagemnt

These tests are actually testing the integration between the

dependency management subproject and the version control

subproject. They should live in the consuming subproject rather than

the producing one.

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Include simple test with locking

This is not sufficient to prove that pulling multiple

`VersionControlSpec`s in parallel to the same directory will be

safe. We still need to add some more sophisticated testing fixtures to

prove that.

This change also switches who has the responsibility for making the

"uniqueId()" for the `VersionControlSpec` globally unique. The

previous implementation wouldn't work given that the

`VersionControlSystem` would always be a

`ThreadSafeVersionControlSystem` no matter what the delegate

`VersionControlSystem` would be.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#146

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Add VcsDependencyResolver that uses VcsMappings to checkout source dependencies

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Add version ref to Vcs populate

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Rename VcsMappings.all -> VcsMappings.addRule

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Remove external source resolver temporarily

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Add VCS mapping API

Incorporate upstream changes

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