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Extract some source dependendency resolution logic that is common to the offline and online modes into a decorator and add some synchronization so that versions for a given Git repo are not resolved in parallel, but versions from different Git repos are.

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Run `git reset` instead of `git update` on the Git clone created for source dependencies, to avoid unnecessary remote operations. Also renamed the working dirs and metadata dirs used for source dependencies.

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Changed source dependency resolution to map `latest.integration` to the `master` branch rather than the target Git repo's HEAD.

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Fix unit tests

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Added a `GitHttpRepository` fixture, which allows test to make assertion about the interactions with the Git server. This is important for performance reasons. Changed a test class to use this instead of a file repo.

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Changed source dependency resolution to match only tags, rather than all references such as branches, when selecting a version.

This removes the accidental support for declaring a dependency on a branch, pending an actual implementation.

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Simplify uses of GitRepository.commit()

The different File-taking overloads weren't that useful. You almost

always want to commit everything.

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Use a simpler same directory

This way windoze won't be angry

Remove annotations and share a directory

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Add a ParallelVersionControlSpec

This is supposed to show that it is safe to have multiple parallel

actors attempting to clone into the same working directory, and that

multiple parallel actors are able to clone into separate directories

in parallel.

But, I don't think it really does either of those things.

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