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Deprecation removal of Gradle GUI (#1749)

Remove Gradle GUI code, leftovers Open API code and user guides.

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Fix checkstyle warnings for new checkstyle version

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Remove redundant conditional

Remove redundant modifiers

Changed `ExecHandleBuilder` into an interface and moved from 'core' to 'process' project.

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Moved classes out of o.g.internal.logging.internal to remove this package.

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Moved logging configuration classes referenced from `StartParameter` into a public package.

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Moved internal logging classes from 'core' to 'logging' project.

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Introduce installation beacon and refactor representation of Gradle installation

- Installation discovery by finding JAR in lib directory

- Minor improvements

+review REVIEW-5867

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`coll.toArray(new T[coll.size()])` => `coll.toArray(new T[0])`

> Bottom line: toArray(new T[0]) seems faster, safer, and contractually cleaner, and therefore should be the default choice now. Future VM optimizations may close this performance gap for toArray(new T[size]), rendering the current "believed to be optimal" usages on par with an actually optimal one. Further improvements in toArray APIs would follow the same logic as toArray(new T[0]) — the collection itself should create the appropriate storage.

Let's see what our performance tests say, if this is noticeable at all.

Changes made by IDEA "Structural Replace":

$coll$.toArray(new $T$[$coll$.size()])


$coll$.toArray(new $T$[0])

+review REVIEW

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Separation of concerns: Externalize logic on how to find distribution.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Initialize the native services in the UI integration tests, not in the UI bits themselves.

+review REVIEW-5378

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Cleanup of NativeServices testing changes - Changed use of NativeServicesTestFixture to annotation in many cases - Centralized temp dir creation logic - Enhanced uninitialized NativeServices error message

+review REVIEW-5378

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Made SystemProperties class a singleton instead of just having static fields and methods. Doing so is also going to allow us to push synchronization logic into this class e.g. for creating instances through a factory with a provided java home system property.

+review REVIEW-5397

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Require NativeServices to be initialized prior to use

+review REVIEW-5378

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Changed the GUI to use ProjectTaskLister to determine the tasks of the project.

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Change: Correct some misspelling and duplicate words

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Convert HelpTasksPlugin to Java and delete ImplicitTasksConfigurer, moving the constants it housed to better homes.


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Removed some deprecated methods from Project and Test.

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Cleaned up some unused stuff.

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Changed gui executor so that it does not sit in a tight loop when something goes wrong popping next request off queue.

Removed unused field.

Simplified gui startup.

Removed dual pane ui implementation as it is no longer used.

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Removed open api implementations from ui.

Removed GradleRunner as it is no longer used by anything.

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Assert that we have a gradle home when launching stuff from the gui.

Chagned gui client so that it does not throw away failures trying to connect to gui server.

Removed GradleRunnerFactory from openApi.

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