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Make `FilteringClassLoader` immutable

`SystemClassLoaderSpec` is moved to its own class so that it can be

included in `gradle-worker.jar`.

+review REVIEW-6020

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Revert "Make `FilteringClassLoader` immutable"

This reverts commit 18ee27f8561df18b19761ebd65f209eed88c19f5.

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Make `FilteringClassLoader` immutable

+review REVIEW-6020

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Remove unused `MutableURLClassLoader.addURL()` method

This effectively makes `MutableURLClassLoader` not publicly mutable,

thus the rename to `VisitableURLClassLoader`.

+review REVIEW-6020

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Allow fixtures from `:ide` to be used in forked TAPI tests

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Initial implementation of Tooling API performance tests

This commit introduces a new kind of performance tests, aimed at measuring the performance of the Tooling API.

By extending `AbstractToolingApiCrossVersionPerformanceTest` a test can check the performance of the tooling

API for various scenarios. In that case, you can specify:

- a list of target versions

- an action to execute in a `GradleConnection` context

The list of target versions is used to tell which version of the Tooling API to use, but also to tell which

version of Gradle we're connecting to.

For now, we're only checking the total duration of the operation, and we are reusing the `CrossVersionResultsStore` to

store the results. We do *not* check the memory consumption yet (not our initial focus).

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