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Remove support for connecting to Gradle <2.6

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Add project/build identifiers to all core models

This avoids the need for compatibility mapping on the client.

Having project and build information on all models is also a prerequisite

to make build actions in composite builds work. The build controller takes

a 'target' argument and from that argument we need to be able to infer which

build and project it belongs to.

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Remove unused @Rule from GradleBuildConverterTest.

Merged PartialGradleBuild and DefaultGradleBuild.

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REVIEW-3187: extract PartialBasicGradleProject out of BasicGradleProject to map everything but the projectDir property used for converting a GradleProject -> GradleBuild

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some changes on tooling-api related to REVIEW-3088 - implement moduleproducer for other ConsumerConnection implementation - build GradleBuild from GradleProject instead of EclipseProject to avoid dragging in all kind of unrelated stuff.

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Some changes to more accurately reflect what we know about a Gradle project for target Gradle versions < 1.0-m5.

- Changed DefaultGradleProject so that it no longer implements the client tooling API interfaces.

- Split out a partial model to reflect what we know from the older versions, to give the right kind of exception when attempting to use stuff that isn't known.

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add straight forward implementation to support GradleBuild model for >=1.0-milestone-5

- use EclipseProjectVersion3 where EclipseProject is not available

TODO: - introduce modelproducer concept

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add missing unit test for GradleBuildConverter

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