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Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>

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Improve error messages for ToolingParameterProxy

ToolingParameterProxy#isValid is replaced by #validateParameter which instead

of returning a boolean indicating if the given Class<?> is a valid parameter

type, it throws an error with a precise description message if not valid.

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Fix test expectation

Improve error messages in BuildControllerAdapter

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Code clean up for parameterized models

Refactorings and code clean up folloiwing commit "Introduce creation of

parameterized tooling models"

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Apply all model mixins in build actions

Up until now many compatibilty mappings were only applied

when calling `ProjectConnection.getModel()`, but not when using

`BuildController.getModel()`. As a result, models retrieved by

a build action were less user friendly.

Both code paths now use the same compatibility mapping logic.

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Fixed broken unit test.

Provide ProjectIdentifier to models retrieved by model action

The BuildControllerAdapter is provided with the root directory of the build

and provides the project identifier when adapting models created by the BuildController.

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Moved the new tooling model types into a `gradle` subpackage.

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Changed BuildController.getModel(target, type) so that it understands `GradleProject`, `IdeaModule` and `EclipseProject` as targets.

Also added findModel() variants for each getModel() method.

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Wired up `BuildController.getModel(target, type)`.

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Fleshed out the `GradleBuild` tooling model.

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Added some methods (with dummy implementations) to `BuildController` to allow models from a particular project to be requested.

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Busted out the protocol -> consumer and provider -> protocol adapters for BuildController to top-level classes and added some coverage.

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