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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)

Closes https://github.com/gradle/gradle-private/issues/2988

This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Fix tests

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Fix tooling-api unit test for distribution install

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Fix tooling-api unit test for distribution install

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Refactor logging for wrapper download

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Remove unused imports

Remove `ScriptingLanguage` SPI

`ScriptingLanguage` becomes a simple data class with hard-coded values in Gradle core.


* much simpler code

* more correct behaviour: Kotlin scripts are found even when the JVM runtime wouldn't allow the provider to be loaded

* better runtime behaviour (possibly incompatible classes are not loaded until a Kotlin script is actually needed)


* hard-coded class name in Gradle core

* no longer extensible

* file extension is under Gradle core control, not `kotlin-dsl`

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Pull ScriptFileResolver up in favor of BuildLayoutFactory

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Strive to keep Gradle's monotonic clock in sync with the system clock

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Simplify time handling internally and for build scans (#2857)

* Don't make TimeProvider Serializable.

This isn't safe and generally doesn't make sense.

* Extract and promote the concept of a build timer.

This was previously not well defined and being overlaid with the concept of when a user/tool requested something, which is not always the same thing.

* Pare down the deprecated org.gradle.util.Clock down to the minimum required.

Internal usage is replaced by a `getStartTime()` directly on BuildRequestContext.

What is left is only kept for backwards compatibility with scans.

* Rename TimeProvider to Clock.

* Move BuildExecutionTimer out of baseServices into core, and into a better package.

* Remove unused.

* Simplify the time package by merging types.

* Prevent the client's build started timestamp from being later than when the provider received the build request.

* Provide a dedicated mechanism for conveying the build start time to build scans.

* Consolidate the ways of formatting durations.

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Use a common `ReliableTimeProvider` for test execution

- For external process, WorkerServices registry has a reliable TimeProvider

- For client side, use TimeProvider build process

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Use a common `ReliableTimeProvider` for tooling API `ConnectorServices`

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Settings script detection takes scripting language providers into account

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Renamed class.

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Ensure the correct TAPI progress events are generated when distribution download is cancelled. Moved responsibility for coordinating download and cancellation so that it happens inside the generation of start and finish events, rather than around it.

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Generate start and finish events for Gradle distribution download done by the TAPI.

Also moved responsibility for creating the downloader down closer to where the download happens, and inject only the listeners that are interested in the events.

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tooling: report gradle wrapper download progress

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Removed `@LeaksFileHandles` from ':tooling-api'

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Moved progress logging and styled text logging interfaces to live in their own packages.

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Moved internal logging classes from 'core' to 'logging' project.

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Add back more @LeaksFileHandles.

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Remove tooling provider classpath patching.

We're only going to support BuildActions from containers like Eclipse

using Tooling API providers 2.3+.

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Split test for classpath updater.

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Manage classpath patch as service.

This helps to reduce number of created temp files to one per ConnectionService.

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Ship tooling API provider patch as JAR.

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Extract patch required for tooling API provider.

Create tooling classloader with overriden ClasspathInferer.

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Changed ToolingImplementationLoader and Distribution to use the internal BuildCancellationToken type instead of the public type.

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Support for distribution download cancelling in toolingApi.

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Fixes for tests that were marked as offline and happened to be broken.

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GRADLE-2414 Different way how to pass userHomeDir to Distribution.

Keep DistributionFactory immutable and get userHomeDir used to install

Gradle distribution from connection parameters when creating tooling


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