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Report TAPI progress events for project configuration

This commit introduces a new `OperationType.PROJECT_CONFIGURATION` and

adds specific `ProgressEvent` implementations. When the operation type

is not requested, no progress configuration events (neither as typed

events nor as generic build operations) will be reported. While that

will remove generic progress configuration events and their children

from clients that use old TAPI versions against Gradle >= 5.1, it is

consistent with the behavior for tasks and work items.

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Remove support for connecting to Gradle <2.6

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Update Guava to 26.0

- Replace `Files.readLines()` with `Files.asCharSource().readLines()`

- Replace `Files.write()` with `Files.asCharSink().write()`

- Change `Objects.toStringHelper()` to `MoreObjects.toStringHelper()`

- Change `Iterators.emptyIterator()` to `Collections.emptyIterator()`

- Use `MoreExecutors.directExecutor()` with `Futures.addCallback`

- Replace `CharMatcher.JAVA_UPPER_CASE`/`JAVA_ISO_CONTROL` with


- Replace `new SimpleTimeLimiter()` with `SimpleTimeLimiter.create()`

- Update `DistributionIntegrationSpec` because Guava requires 4

additional downstream dependencies:

* org.checkerframework:checker-compat-qual



* org.codehaus.mojo:animal-sniffer-annotations

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Rename and update the Javadoc for a tapi model method to make its purpose clearer.

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Add a method to `GradleBuild` tooling model to allow all of the builds that participate in a composite and that are relevant to IDE models to be queried, rather than have the IDE traverse the graph of included builds. This also allows other kinds of builds, e.g. `buildSrc`, to be surfaced to IDEs later.

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Replace usages of org.gradle.api.Nullable

With javax.annotation.Nullable.

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Add project/build identifiers to all core models

This avoids the need for compatibility mapping on the client.

Having project and build information on all models is also a prerequisite

to make build actions in composite builds work. The build controller takes

a 'target' argument and from that argument we need to be able to infer which

build and project it belongs to.

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Apply all model mixins in build actions

Up until now many compatibilty mappings were only applied

when calling `ProjectConnection.getModel()`, but not when using

`BuildController.getModel()`. As a result, models retrieved by

a build action were less user friendly.

Both code paths now use the same compatibility mapping logic.

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Add included build information to GradleBuild model

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Fixed type declaration.

Provide API org.gradle.tooling.model.GradleProject#getProjectDirectory

+review REVIEW-5254

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Renamed a few tooling api consumer classes, and moved BuildCancelledException up to o.g.tooling.

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Removed BasicGradleTaskSelector.isPublic() now that these objects are proxied, and let the proxy decide what to do about the missing property.

This doesn't need to implement TaskSelector any more.

Moved DefaultBuildInvocations to live in the launcher project.

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Removed unused class.

REVIEW-5028 Rename Launchable.isVisible() -> isPublic().

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Revert "REVIEW-5028 simpler TaskSelector implementation relying on adaptation."

This reverts commit 21d27e80e477471ad71d015962f891aa68e72469.

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REVIEW-5028 simpler TaskSelector implementation relying on adaptation.

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Expose task visibility in Tooling API.

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Added buildDirectory property to the GradleProject tooling model.

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Removed an unused class.

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Removed some now unused methods from some tooling api model types.

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Fix previuos commit to compile with Java 6

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GRADLE-3068 Break part of :ide->:launcher dependency.

At least project.evaluate() is now possible with gradleApi() dependency

when :launcher is not on classpath.

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Build tasks from selectors in the same order as when calling from command line.

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Some tweaks to tooling api model implementations.

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Change BuildInvocations model to return root project data only when no project is passed.

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Better place for Launchable implementations.

These classes needs to be transferrable from provider to consumer and back.

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