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Report task execution reasons and incrementality

For non-skipped tasks, the list of execution reasons and whether the

task was incremental is now reported to TAPI progress listeners as

part of the operation result.

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Make JavaCompile result orthogonal to task outcome

While we currently only report rich results for successful `JavaCompile`

tasks, we might change that in the future. Therefore, this commit

renames `JavaCompileTaskSuccessResult` to

`JavaCompileTaskOperationResult` so we won't have to change the API

when we start reporting rich results for failed tasks as well.

There are only implementations that also implement `TaskSuccessResult`

and `InternalTaskSuccessResult`, respectively, though.

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Report annotation processor details to TAPI progress listeners

This commit adds the `JavaCompileTaskSuccessResult` subinterface of

`TaskSuccessResult` which is reported as part of `TaskFinishEvents`.

In order to not add dependencies from :toolingApiBuilder to

:languageJava a new `OperationResultDecoratorFactory` interface is

introduced. It allows to invert the control flow so that plugins can

add additional information by decorating `OperationResults`.

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