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Remove GradleConnection API

The GradleConnection API was our first attempt at

implementing composite builds. We have improved on that

in Gradle 3.1, allowing the user to define composite builds

in settings.gradle and giving the user much more control

over how dependency substitution works.

A composite build is a normal Gradle build as far as the

Tooling API is concerned, so the separate concept of

the GradleConnection is no longer needed. We will add

methods for fetching all models from a composite build

to ProjectConnection in Gradle 3.2

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

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Renamed new identifier properties on tooling models

GradleBuild.getIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

BuildEnvironment.getGradleBuildIdentifier() -> getBuildIdentifier()

GradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BasicGradleProject.getIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

BuildInvocations.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

ProjectPublications.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

Launchable.getGradleProjectIdentifier() -> getProjectIdentifier()

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Specify which tests should NOT be run with an integrated composite

Instead of specifying the tests that DO work with an integrated composite,

we specify which ones do not yet work. This should make it easier to identify

the tests that still need fixing. Before integrated composite can be considered

fully functional from the Tooling API, all of these tests need to be fixed.

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Enabled testing of integrated composites for many cases

For tests that are already functional, we now test an 'integrated' composite

when testing against the current (under-development) gradle version, retaining

the existing coverage with a non-integrated composite for older versions.

Note that this isn't great, since we've removed coverage for a non-integrated

composite against the current gradle version. Need to enhance the test runner

to include both scenarios.

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Make it easier to test with an integrated composite

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Added build identifier to `BuildEnvironment` model

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