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Test serialization of EclipseProject model TAPI proxies

- use trait with "loadEclipseProjectModel" method

- test serialization only on clients above 2.11 (2.12+)

- TAPI proxy serialization is broken in older client versions

- don't check the result of serialization, only make sure all objects in

the object graph are serializable

- serialization end-to-end check would require using

PayloadSerializer which seems to cause problems with the

cross-version TAPI test classloader setup

- attempt to check the whole serialization roundtrip is in

commit b6d484cf , that was reverted by c9d61094

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Revert "Add test for Eclipse model serialization roundtrip"

This reverts commit b6d484cf0d7cc122f244eca2dcf116d0a44e9ad6.

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Add test for Eclipse model serialization roundtrip

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