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Move Swift source compatibility to `SwiftTargetMachine` on `SwiftBinary`

This commit still doesn't consider the source compatibility when

selecting the tool chain.

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Break association between current and software model type

Move `NativePlatform` getter to internal type.

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Decorate all domain collection container for emitting build ops (#7876)

* Update all domain object container with decorator for tracing executed callback actions

* Add decorator to a ll required occurances of DefaultDomainObjectSet

* Keep ctor for DefaultPolymorphicDomainObjectContainer as its used in gradle-idea-ext plugin

* Bring back DefaultDomainObjectSet constructor used by the android plugin

* keep backwards compatibility

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Remove unused references to TargetMachineFactory

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Add architecture support for CppUnit tests

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Isolate native service and class within `platformNative` project

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Change x64() to x86_64()

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Move TargetMachineFactory up to a project service

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Add support for declaring target machines

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Expose the variant name and header directories for each C++ binary in the C++ tooling model.

Rework construction of the native binary models so that the binary names are not formatted and parsed a bunch of times during construction and so do not lose information.

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Use immutable file collections whenever possible (#5797)

- Stop DefaultProject implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- Stop BasicScript implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- FileResovler.resolveUri() is not nullable

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Fix tests and share code between C++ and Swift

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Use native variant identity for name suffix

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Fix CppUnitTest plugins

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Fix test failures

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Added a display name for each native component implementation.

Added a convenience to `Describables` to format a display name for an object with a type and a name.

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Rename source compatibility property and fix CI failures

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <>

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Added methods to the various native component types to allow implementation and API dependencies to be declared on the component instance instead of on the project's `dependencies` block, for consistency with the binaries.

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Add support for configuring Swift language support of a component

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <>

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Added 'bundle' and 'executable' subtypes of `SwiftXCTestBinary` to allow specialization based on which kind of test suite is being built.

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Detangled `CppTestExecutable` from `CppExecutable` as a C++ test executable and a production executable are not the same thing, they just happen to have some stuff in common.

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Include the project name in the default base name of the C++ unit test executable.

Changed construction of test binaries to use a similar pattern as production binaries.

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Moved some classes around to break package cycle.

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Changed the `cpp-unit-test` plugin to behave more like the `xctest` plugin, so that it will compile and run the test suite when there is no component under test present, and to use a similar naming scheme for tasks and directory names.

Re-added a type to represent an executable built for tests implemented in C++.

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Introduced a native testing base plugin, to take care of common aspects of native test support. Currently simply adds some lifecycle tasks.

Introduced an abstraction to represent a native test suite and renamed `testExecutable` to `testBinary` on each of the native test suite types.

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Introduced an abstraction for a native component that has a development binary, and use this for libraries and applications, but not test suites. Removed the `developmentBinary` property from the test suite types.

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Changed construction of the binaries of a native component to avoid leaking the services used by the binary implementations into the components.

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Add support for building static c++ libraries

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Fix CI failure for C++ unit test

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <>

Fixing tests

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <>

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