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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Fix tests

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Revert "Flag a bunch of tests that @LeaksFileHandlers"

Now that the NativeServices initialization is fixed, these tests should

no longer leak file handles on Windows. Let's see.

This reverts commit af9d437b589adbe6688c2c7ec82eb3ba31fa5336.

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Flag a bunch of tests that @LeaksFileHandlers

- Now that we're correctly registering the cleanup rules, these

leaks are causing build failures on windows.

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Cleanup unit test outputs

- 'language-java'

- 'platform-base'

- 'platform-native'

- 'platform-play'

- 'testing-native'

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Deprecated classes in `org.gradle.platform.base.test` in favor of the same classes in 'org.gradle.testing.base'

Story: gradle/langos#113

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Extract `cunit-test-suite` and `google-test-test-suite` plugins and add `cunit` and `google-test` plugins on top of them to apply conventions

Story: gradle/langos#113

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Align behavior of the native software model with the Java software model for creation of test suites

Story: gradle/langos#113

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Introduce convenience methods on ModelRegistry

+review REVIEW-5685

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Introduced `ComponentSpec.getSources()` in place of `getSource()`

+review REVIEW-5541

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Apply language registrations to all ComponentSpec instances, including those in the `testSuites` container. Removed the language registrations from CUnit and Google test plugins.

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Fixed @ComponentType so that it can be used to declare TestSuiteSpec subtypes, and use this in the CUnit and Google test plugins.

Extracted out a shared ComponentSpec type registry that is shared by all ComponentSpec containers.

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Move type token factory for model maps to ModelTypes.

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Inline AbstractModelMap into DefaultModelMap, and rename to NodeBackedModelMap.

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Change the return type of BinarySpec.getBinaries() to ModelMap<BinarySpec>.

+review REVIEW-5498

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Introduce ModelMap extends CollectionBuilder and allow to use them interchangeably in rules

+review REVIEW-5491

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Use CollectionBuilder<TestSuiteSpec> in CUnitPlugin and GoogleTestTest


- get rid of Path("testSuites")

- probably add helper method for shared logic creating CollectionBuilders in NativeBinariesTestPlugin and ComponentBasePlugin

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Liberate some model registry test support from DefaultModelRegistryTest.

Includes some new/renamed API on ModelRegistry.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Revert selective task closing work.

Too much breakage.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Wire the model registry into the “task selector”, effectively enabling configure-on-demand for rule based task declarations.

Rather than eagerly “realize” the whole task container and its contents, we now only realize the container itself.

This means that we know of all the tasks that will exist without actually creating them.

If a task (declared by rules) is not needed for a build (i.e. not selected, not depended on) it will not be created.

However, our rule based plugins at this time contain coarse rules that don't allow this feature to be leveraged.

Benefits will only be seen right now for contrived domains.

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Renamed ‘cunit’ project to ‘testing-native’

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