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Added some int test coverage for the native testing plugins.

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Changed the `cpp-unit-test` plugin to behave more like the `xctest` plugin, so that it will compile and run the test suite when there is no component under test present, and to use a similar naming scheme for tasks and directory names.

Re-added a type to represent an executable built for tests implemented in C++.

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Introduced a native testing base plugin, to take care of common aspects of native test support. Currently simply adds some lifecycle tasks.

Introduced an abstraction to represent a native test suite and renamed `testExecutable` to `testBinary` on each of the native test suite types.

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Refactored native component tests to remove an abstract method that is not longer required as each component now has a `binaries` container that can be used by the test instead.

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Add support for building static c++ libraries

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Fixing tests

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <daniel@gradle.com>

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