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Enable test reporting for all instances of AbstractTestTask

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Simplify time handling internally and for build scans (#2857)

* Don't make TimeProvider Serializable.

This isn't safe and generally doesn't make sense.

* Extract and promote the concept of a build timer.

This was previously not well defined and being overlaid with the concept of when a user/tool requested something, which is not always the same thing.

* Pare down the deprecated org.gradle.util.Clock down to the minimum required.

Internal usage is replaced by a `getStartTime()` directly on BuildRequestContext.

What is left is only kept for backwards compatibility with scans.

* Rename TimeProvider to Clock.

* Move BuildExecutionTimer out of baseServices into core, and into a better package.

* Remove unused.

* Simplify the time package by merging types.

* Prevent the client's build started timestamp from being later than when the provider received the build request.

* Provide a dedicated mechanism for conveying the build start time to build scans.

* Consolidate the ways of formatting durations.

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Introduce BuildOperationIdFactory in global scope service for unique ids

This ensures that IDs are unique among all nested builds of

one execution.


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Create a test fixture for ParallelismConfigurationManager

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Rename ParallelExecutionManager to ParallelismConfigurationManager

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Merge branch 'release'

# Conflicts:

# subprojects/base-services/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/internal/operations/DefaultBuildOperationExecutorParallelExecutionTest.groovy

# subprojects/base-services/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/internal/operations/MaxWorkersTest.groovy

# subprojects/core/src/main/java/org/gradle/internal/progress/

# subprojects/core/src/main/java/org/gradle/internal/service/scopes/

# subprojects/core/src/main/java/org/gradle/testfixtures/internal/

# subprojects/core/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/internal/progress/DefaultBuildOperationExecutorTest.groovy

# subprojects/docs/src/docs/release/

# subprojects/platform-native/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/nativeplatform/toolchain/internal/NativeCompilerTest.groovy

# subprojects/testing-jvm/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/api/internal/tasks/testing/junit/report/DefaultTestReportTest.groovy

# subprojects/testing-jvm/src/test/groovy/org/gradle/api/internal/tasks/testing/junit/result/Binary2JUnitXmlReportGeneratorSpec.groovy

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Fail when parallel build operations are started inside a resource lock transform

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Use a worker lease test fixture instead of a mock

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More test coverage for parallelism config notifications

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Group logs by project and task

Introduces a BuildOperationType enum and adds it to the

default BuildOperationDescriptor. Passes this information

to the logging infrastructure through the BuildOperationExecutor.

All BuildOperations now have a ProgressLogger. This allows

progress logging to maintain a heirarchy of build operations,

otherwise we would not be able to group many log events.

ProgressStartEvents are given additional information in a

compact form to allow a tree of build operations to be

maintained and their operation types associated. This allows us

to associate log events who aren't fired by progress logging to

still be grouped.

A LogGroupingOutputEventListener uses these build operation

types and the build operation heirarchy to buffer and output

logs related to tasks and project configurations.

Issue: #1818

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Add build operation types to log events

This will allow OutputEventListeners to react to output events

from different types of operations differently.

Remove BuildProgressLogger and move progress bar logic and

rendering to BuildStatusRenderer where it belongs.

Issue: #1818

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Unify BuildOperationExecutor and BuildOperationProcessor APIs

This introduces the following `BuildOperationExecutor`

interface (as outlined in gradle/gradle#1676):

void run(RunnableBuildOperation buildOperation);

<T> T call(CallableBuildOperation<T> buildOperation);

<O extends RunnableBuildOperation> void runAll(

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

<O extends BuildOperation> void runAll(

BuildOperationWorker<O> worker,

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

To accomplish this, the following changes were performed:

- Various representation of build operations have been merged into

1) BuildOperation (with sub-interfaces)

-> declare and describe a build operation

2) BuildOperationDescriptor (BuildOperationDescriptor.Builder)

-> describe a build operation

3) BuildOperationState

-> represents a running build operation, with run state, start time,

parent relationship information, and description

- The DefaultBuildOperationExecutor and DefaultBuildOperationProcessor

implementations have been merged in DefaultBuildOperationExecutor,

which is now build session scoped.

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Revert "Allow nested usage of BuildOperationProcessor"

This reverts commit 32b197058db9a184ef8d97c99104697010b9f82f.

This reverts commit f38397635c037dd0f6e0cff326538593d66b9a56.

This reverts commit 415d784af03e1d473bcac7a3309519ca22794d20.

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Fix imports

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Introduce convenience methods on worker lease service

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Allow nested usage of BuildOperationProcessor

Use a dynamically sized thread pool in BuildOperationProcessor to allow

nested usage. Maximum in-flight work is managed by worker leases, the

size of that thread pool has nothing to do with that. It being caped

at maxWorkers made it impossible to use BuildOperationProcessor inside

a work enqueued to BuildOperationProcessor up to a certain degree. This

commit fixes that.

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Revert "Allow `BuildOperationProcessor` to be used without parent operation"

This reverts commit da1ef0cbad0f7b021f39b9fba6a3484248a4c23d.

The workaround introduced in the reverted commit is not necessary anymore.

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BuildOperationProcessor emits build operation events


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Introduce a resource lock coordination service

- convert worker leases to resource locks

- atomically lock project and worker lease when selecting a task to execute

- change task execution plan to lock around resource lock state

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Introduce a resource lock coordination service

- convert worker leases to resource locks

- atomically lock project and worker lease when selecting a task to execute

- change task execution plan to lock around resource lock state

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Allow `BuildOperationProcessor` to be used without parent operation

Previously, any calls to `BuildOperationProcessor` would fail if no

operation had been explicitly started via the `BuildOperationWorkerRegistry`.

With this change, an implicit parent operation is started if required

when operations are run via the `BuildOperationProcessor`.

In the long term, we want to merge `BuildOperationProcessor` with

`BuildOperationExecuter`, which will make this change largely


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Stubs BuildOperationWorkerRegistry in some tests

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Fix unit tests using BuildOperationProcessor without a current operation

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
BuildOperationWorkerRegistry and BuildOperationProcessor work in concert

To honor —max-workers with both worker threads and processes

BuildOperationProcessor uses BuildOperationWorkerRegistry around

each executed operation. Its thread pool size still is max-workers.

BuildOperationWorkerRegistry untouched, manages worker leases and their


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More test coverage for parallel test report generation

+review REVIEW-5884

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Changing test report generation to use the build operation queue

+review REVIEW-5884

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Start migrating test classes to the most appropriate subproject

Story: gradle/langos#103

Item: refactor-plugins

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