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Remove old cglib-nodep usage (#4968)

Previously there's an old `cglib-nodep` in our test dependency graph. It introduces a rather old ASM, which is not compatible with JDK 11.

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Correctly recognize JUnit Vintage test descriptor

This fixes

If a test class has two method descriptor with same name, Vintage Engine

will name them as "testMethod(org.gradle.TestClass)[0]", which can't

be recognized. This PR updates the regular expression to recognize it.

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Fix bugs when integrating with running Vintage engine on Spock @Unroll test

Vintage engine will trigger events with type 'TEST' for both test class

and test method, which might cause test hang unexpectedly. This PR identifies

these different test events and fixes this issue.

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Fix failed tests

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Scan for both JUnit 4 and 5 classes

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On CI redirect jcenter queries to local repo for integration tests

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Upgrade Spock to version 1.1-groovy-2.4-rc-3

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Reproduce build failure when including Kotlin support

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