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Give JUnit 4 precedence over JUnit Platform and TestNG

For backwards compatibility, JUnit 4 takes precendence over TestNG and

JUnit Platform since groovy-all ships with dependencies on both. In the

latter case, JUnit Platform is used if both junit-vintage-engine and

JUnit 4 are on the classpath.

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Autodetect TestFramework if none is configure explicitly

When the TestFramework of a Test task is not configured explicitly it

used to default to `useJUnit()`. Now, the task's classpath is inspected

for a junit-platform-engine.jar or testng.jar. If one of them is found,

the task uses the JUnit Platform or TestNG to execute tests,


Since we have internal dependencies on the JUnit Platform and TestNG,

all Test tasks in our own build are configured to `useJUnit()` and


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