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Fix failed tests

Fix failures on CI

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Add --warning to suppress deprecation warnings (#3726)

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

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Catch AccessControlException to avoid test worker process hanging

Partially fix

If a security manager is set in test, test worker process can no longer

react to message from main process because Gradle's message dispatch mechanism

depends on reflection and socket communication. This PR fix the issue which cause

worker process to hang and provide more readable error messages

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

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Introduce build operation progress events, only used for conveying test output to build scans currently.

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Move the test build operation classes to a dedicated package.

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don't rely on BuildOperationExecutor#currentOperation

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category type removed from test related build ops

Move TestListenerBuildOperationAdapterTest to internal package and make it package private

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introduce TestingBasePluginServiceRegistry providing TestListenerBuildOperationAdapter

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Address review feedback

- expose root test executor via build op

- further cleanup

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Enable test reporting for all instances of AbstractTestTask

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Expose test and test output events as build operations

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Strive to keep Gradle's monotonic clock in sync with the system clock

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Simplify time handling internally and for build scans (#2857)

* Don't make TimeProvider Serializable.

This isn't safe and generally doesn't make sense.

* Extract and promote the concept of a build timer.

This was previously not well defined and being overlaid with the concept of when a user/tool requested something, which is not always the same thing.

* Pare down the deprecated org.gradle.util.Clock down to the minimum required.

Internal usage is replaced by a `getStartTime()` directly on BuildRequestContext.

What is left is only kept for backwards compatibility with scans.

* Rename TimeProvider to Clock.

* Move BuildExecutionTimer out of baseServices into core, and into a better package.

* Remove unused.

* Simplify the time package by merging types.

* Prevent the client's build started timestamp from being later than when the provider received the build request.

* Provide a dedicated mechanism for conveying the build start time to build scans.

* Consolidate the ways of formatting durations.

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Fix test

Fix parallel test execution rendering with TestNG in console (#2787)

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Extract :core-api project (#2719)

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Use a common `ReliableTimeProvider` for test execution

- For external process, WorkerServices registry has a reliable TimeProvider

- For client side, use TimeProvider build process

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Abbreviate long qualified test classes when displaying in console

Omit the middle packages of a long test class name. For example:




Issue: #2547

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Don't render test worker info in console

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Display parallel test execution through console (#2335)

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Fix test to pass under JDK 9

Signed-off-by: Cedric Champeau <>

Adjust tests for new behavior: —-tests filters never override


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Acquire worker lease per test worker, not per test class

This reverts a change that put the worker lease around the processTestClass call. That change had two negative effects:

- it was no longer protecting the actual work in the test worker, but only the "work" of sending the test class over (which is cheap)

- it acquired and released a worker lease for every test class, leading to lots of contention with other threads waiting on that lock

The original change was made in response to a deadlock which was probably caused by something else.

The test cases are still all passing and the large performance test project that used to show the deadlock is no longer having that problem.

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Set default log level back to LIFECYCLE (#2015)

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Remove version-info.jar

+review REVIEW-6527

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Change default log level to WARN (#1952)

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Don't use native services in test workers

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Remove guava from worker process path

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