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Allow the services required by a given class to be queried prior to creating any instances of that class. Use this to allow `ArtifactTransformDependencies` to be injected into artifact transforms using any of the service injection patterns (that is, via a constructor or a getter).

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Replace most direct usages of `DirectInstantiator` with indirect usages via `InstantiatorFactory` or test fixtures instead. This means more consistent behaviour in unit tests because the objects under test will behave more similarly to how they do at runtime. This also allows the decision of how the instantiation should behave to live in as few places as possible, so this can be more easily evolved and contextualized.

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Set default log level back to LIFECYCLE (#2015)

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Change default log level to WARN (#1952)

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Start migrating test classes to the most appropriate subproject

Story: gradle/langos#103

Item: refactor-plugins

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