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Update to latest nightly

+review REVIEW-6502

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Fix soak tests

When changing the type of `soakTest` from `IntegrationTest` to `SoakTest` the

classpath was lost - that caused that no soak tests have been executed.

Use timestamped version always (#754)

The motivation behind this is that we want to be able to cache of the

Gradle build - even when we use a timestamped version when the build receipt

includes a timestamp.

The strategy is that we use a different build receipt which doesn't

include a timestamp or commitId.

When building the intTestImage we replace the version info included

in the distribution by the one used for tests, since the Gradle version

for the test needs to be the same as for the distribution under test.

We also create a binary distribution used for tests only.

We changed the names of the distributions in `build/distributions` to

only contain the base versions - therefore we will also need to change

the promotion jobs.

As part of this we changed that:

- create a tooling api shaded jar with the test version inside for


- Publish only the tooling api shaded jar with the test version to the local repo - only this jar is

used from the repo from tests

- Use base version in distribution zip name - this makes is much easier

to access the zip from tests

- Pass version of bin distribution to integration tests in

distributions - these are still testing the docs having a timestamp in


- for IDEA integration we need to have the build receipt on the classpath

when running integration tests. Looks like we currently

need to modify the idea model manually to achieve this.

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Publish only the toolingApi to local archives

It looks like this is the only dependency we

are using from there.

+review REVIEW-6331

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Fix soak tests and test-kit cross-version tests

To be treated as integration tests, a test task needs to be of

type org.gradle.testing.IntegrationTest. Normal Test tasks are

treated as unit tests without special setup/teardown.

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Exclude soak tests from java9 integTests as well

Added soak test category

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