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Polish changes from pull request #2268

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Adds a check for null values in signing properties (#2268)

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Replace usages of org.gradle.api.Nullable

With javax.annotation.Nullable.

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Remove direct use of PgpSignatory in the Sign task

Conceptually, the signing plugin allows for using multiple signatories

that implement different signing methods. However, in practice the Sign

task always casts the signatory instance returned by Sign.getSignatory()

into a PgpSignatory. This makes it impossible to use a signatory that is

not derived from PgpSignatory.

The Sign task needs to access the PgpSignatory in order to retrieve the

key id which serves as task input value for the signatory property.

This commit fixes this direct dependency by adding the method

getInputValue() to the Signatory interface. This method returns a value

representing the input value of the signatory property. The Sign task

can then use this method for retrieving a value that represents the

signatory property for a specific signatory implementation.

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Move Java sources from src/main/groovy to src/main/java

There are no Groovy sources left, so there's no need to keep these files in src/main/groovy.

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