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upgraded Scala zinc compiler to version 1.2.5

Additionally introduces Scala compiler daemon that remains warm across build, improving further incremental compilation times

Signed-off-by: Predrag Knezevic <>

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Re-enable Play/Scala tests on Java 9+ (#5593)

Almost all Play/Scala tests were ignored on Java 9/10, which makes it lack coverage. This PR does:

- Update Scala version to Java9-compatible version according to [JDK compatibility](

- Update default Play version to latest 2.6.15, which supports Java 9/10

- Adjust corresponding samples. Previous default Play version 2.3.10 was too old (release at 2014).

- Ignored the tests which can't work on Java 9+.

- Separate Play test resources with different versions. For example, Play 2.6 uses `build.gradle` and `Play 2.4/2.5` uses `build.gradle.old`.

- Previously `AbstractMultiVersionPlayContinuousBuildIntegrationTest` didn't have `targetPlatform` configuration, which made multi-version tests meaningless

- Fix `play-logback` configuration for `2.5.18`.

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Remove a redundant Scala Compiler Integration Test.

+review REVIEW-5815

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Deprecate the useAnt option in the ScalaCompileOptions.

+review REVIEW-5829

- Disable deprecation warnings in JreJavaHomeScalaIntegrationTest

- Remove many uses of useAnt = false

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remove odd packages from scala integration tests

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apply scalaCompileOptions.force consistently for Ant and Zinc compilers

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Updated some samples and tests to use newer Scala version.

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realigned scala integration tests with regard to which combinations of scala and jdk versions are tested

- focus on testing scala 2.10/2.11 with jdk6+, keep some compiler tests for scala 2.8/2.9

- moved and renamed lots of test files

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update Scala samples and tests to infer Scala compiler Jar and use latest Scala version

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removed redundant dependency declarations in scala samples and tests polishing

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updated samples and tests to use latest released scala version

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renamed resource directory to match previously renamed spec class

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removed temporary repository

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updated Zinc to 0.2.0-M2

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added test for cross-project incremental scala/zinc compilation (ignored for now)

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enhanced spec

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added spec for Scala incremental compilation

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moved IncrementalScalaCompileIntegrationTest from integTest to scala project

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