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Shuffled some methods around in the `ExternalResource` hierarchy.

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Detangled the `ExternalResource` implementation that represents a local resource, from the implement that represents a local copy of a remote resource.

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Rework “network” build operations to model resource operations instead.

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Removed unused `ExternalResource.isLocal()`

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Convey the number of content bytes read in the download build operation result.

This provides a more (but not absolutely) reliable indicator of bytes transferred than the advertised content length pre transfer.

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Extracted `o.g.internal.resource.Resource` as a supertype for all 5 of our different resource abstractions.

Currently doesn't allow anything super useful, the various pieces can be migrated over time.

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Replaced some more usages of IOException with ResourceException when reading the content of a resource.

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Moved handling of locating, downloading and parsing of a `.sha1` file up out of the ExternalResource abstractions up into the dependency resolution layer.

This means using the `.sha1` file to short-circuit a download when we have some local candidates now works for all transports.

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Added ExternalResource.withContent() overload that allows both the content and meta-data of the resource to be accessed in a single operation.

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