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Extract creation of compilation state cache from IncrementalNativeCompiler to a gradle scoped factory service to avoid multiple creations of the cache which resulted in a file handle leak.

+review REVIEW-5440

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fail resolving when s3 backed repo is declared without credentials

+review REVIEW-5361

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Fail with decent error message when S3 backed repository is configured with PasswordCredentials

+review REVIEW-5361

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fix S3ClientTest after merging pull-request

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Adds support for region specific s3 endpoints - Adds some documentation around s3 configuration, properties, regions and url formats

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Port s3 IO to use the AWS S3 SDK - Now supports AWS v4 signing for buckets in germany and china - Adds some documentation on s3 system properties - No longer uses a HTTP HEAD method to get metadata (in order to support V4 signatures)

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Register S3 ResourceConnectorFactory in resources-s3

- Removes compile-time dependency of dependency-management on resources-s3

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Removed the separate implementations of RepositoryTransport for each resource protocol

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fix integration test, fix error message +review REVIEW-5363

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[s3-maven-publish] Publishing to an AWS s3 maven repo - Adds coverage for failed authentication - Adds coverage around the deploy wagon and repo transport delegate - Adds coverage for publising to non-snapshot repos - Allows transfer of files via DefaultExternalResourceRepository without accompanying checksums - Closing RepositoryTransportDeployWagon and coupling it to RepositoryTransportDeployDelegate - adds some coverage on remote repo credentials - rebase with upstream - Fixed issue with maven deployer not generating the correct checksums - Changes deploy wagon and delegate to work with any internal repository transport - Port publishing to jets3t - Uses a file backed S3 stub server to test snapshot publications - Prevents default repository transport from generating a checksum (somefile.txt..sha1.sha1) - DelegatingDeployWagon creates destination files when something in the bowels of the maven libraries fails to create files for snapshots - Adds coverage for WagonRegistry and allows wagon/scheme overrides - Changes log level to debug for non-existing maven supplied files

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when endpoint is explicitly set, set retry for internal errors to zero

- aws s3 default is 50

- allows better testing

+review REVIEW-5361

don't throw exceptions when listing s3 directory returns 404

+review REVIEW-5361

- add initial S3 support for ivy - rework S3StubServer to implement RepositoryServer - some cleanup on S3Client error handling

TODO cleanup some tests

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allow to connect anonymously to s3

+review REVIEW-5361

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extract s3 resources into separate project

+review REVIEW-5361

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