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Support TLSv1.2 by default under Java 7

Following changes in Maven Central, only TLSv1.2 is accepted.

This change turns on TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for all connections from

Gradle when the Java version is 7.

As documented in

in the Protocols section, this is safe, except for versions before 7u75

that were relying on SSLv3.

However that last protocol is really broken and no one should be using

it. And we definitely cannot turn it on here.

It also adds that property to tests that do interact with Maven Central.

Fixes #5740

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Build cache should not follow HTTP redirects (#3517)

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Gradle should fail resolution from subsequent repositories on critical errors (#3412)

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Increase timeout for HTTP timeouts and assign system properties to internal namespace (#3371)

Increase default HTTP timeout to 30s (#3268)

Add blacklister to repository management (#3047)


Previous versions of Gradle would fall through to the next repository

if resolution in one repository failed. This may cause potentially

indeterministic resolution result. This PR changes this behaviour

and will explicitly rethrow exceptions which occur in dependency

resolution instead of quietly continue to the next repository.

What's more, this PR introduces a RepositoryBlacklister. Exceptions

thrown during dependency resolution are categoried as follows:

1. Caused by HTTP error status code (other than 2xx/3xx/404)

These exceptions would be considered as "recoverable" since

the server seems still to be able to respond.

2. Caused by other IOException/UncheckedIOException

These exceptions would be considered as "unrecoverable"

and the repository would be blacklisted in the build.

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Revert "Revert "Introduce HTTP timeout (#3041)""

This reverts commit 14711361a0cb6beb3a57766804c109ba6f3f87c0.

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Revert "Introduce HTTP timeout (#3041)"

This reverts commit 59153d58c906341cfe3b5bebbedf289e3def1e09.

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Introduce HTTP timeout (#3041)

Introduce HTTP connection and socket timeout


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Introduce HTTP connection and socket timeout

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Revert Http socket/connection timeouts for the release (#2879)

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Fix formatting issues found by checkstyle

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Add flag to allow untrusted ssl connections to build cache (#2790)

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Defines default HTTP connection and socket timeouts (#2757)

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Initialize http proxy settings on first use

By deferring this initialization, we avoid doing work when not required

and ensure that the system properties are set on the process before

being read.

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Replace usages of org.gradle.api.Nullable

With javax.annotation.Nullable.

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Rework fix for parallel downloads on authenticated repositories

This commit reworks the fix for authenticated repositories to use a queue of `HttpContext` instead of a thread local map.

The rationale for this change is that 2 subsequent requests are not necessarily executed on the same thread. This means that

if request 1 performed authentication, and request 2 is done some time later, but on a different thread, authentication is

going to be done again.

To avoid this, request 1 will ask for a context in a queue. If no context is available, a new one is added. Once the request

is done, the context is added back in the queue, making it availble for subsequent requests to pick up. Request 2 comes and

picks it from the queue, then authentication state can be reused.

This means that at most, we can re-authenticate as many times as there are concurrent requests. But in practice, it is likely

that we're going to reuse shared context.

This commit also adds an integration test proving that parallel downloads work with authenticated repositories.

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Fix synchronization in `HttpClientHelper`

This commit fixes the synchronization in `HttpClientHelper` which prevented parallel downloads from happening in case

of an authenticated repository. To fix it, the helper now maintains a map of thread to http context, as recommended

by the HttpClient team. We don't use the JDK thread-local map because we need to clear the contexts once we close

the helper, in order to avoid leaking memory.

Accept more date patterns for the expires cookie header

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Renamed a class.

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Moved a class to remove package cycle.

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Introduce a ExecutionScopeServices between BuildSession and Build scopes

- This isn't wired into anything, so no services actually work yet.

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Remove unused class

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Fix concurrency bug in `HttpClientHelper`

The HTTP context should not be shared by several requests, or it just breaks when requests are done in parallel.

This explains the failures seen with `NTLM` authentication, but not only: there were more failures with `BASIC`

authentication too (and probably random other failures).

This commit changes the `HttpContext` so that we create a new one per request, in case we don't use authentication,

and if we do, then requests cannot be done in parallel (until we find a proper fix). This removes the special case in


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Use DefaultHttpBuildCacheServiceFactory to create a build cache in test

+review REVIEW-6478

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Use the same HttpClient configuration for the HTTP build cache

+review REVIEW-6478

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Do not restrict simultaneous HTTP connections per host

The maximum number of simultaneous HTTP connections is configured

as 20, but previously this was further limited to 2 per 'route'.

This commit removes the per-route limit. The overall maximum

connections is unchanged.

Address code review comments

+review REVIEW-6323

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Ensure ExternalResourceReadResponse are correctly closed

Digged inside the code to find all code path leading to the

instantiation of ExternalResourceReadResponse class and verify the

resource is properly closed.

+review REVIEW-6323

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Fixed failing integration tests due to `null` being returned instead of a proper http response

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