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extract sftp resource into separate project

+review REVIEW-5361

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[maven-aws] Adds support for maven AWS S3 dependency resolution - Adds proper stub support and integration tests for maven aws s3 dependency resolution - Uses test fixtures for S3 integTests - Adds HTTPS proxy support and path style access type for S3Client - Implements maven sha1 downloads - Code review comments - S3ClientIntegrationTest uses TestNameTestDirectoryProvider for temporary files - Removes AWS environment variables

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User is notified that Gradle version is deprecated for use with plugin portal


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Removed unused ExternalResource.exists() method.

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read plugin portal error responses and embed them in error message presented to user

- added HttpResourceAccessor#getRawResource to allow http response body to be read even for error responses

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Introduce a credentials type in resources so PasswordCredentials can be moved back to core.

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Rationalise the “resource” classes under the “org.gradle.internal.resource” package.

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Create resources-http subproject.

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