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Use org.gradle.api.credentials.PasswordCredentials internally

org.gradle.api.artifacts.repositories.PasswordCredentials was where PasswordCredentials originated before being moved to org.gradle.api.credentials package together with other Credentials implementations.

After this change org.gradle.api.artifacts.repositories.PasswordCredentials will remain to be used only in the public APIs around repositories.

Once its surface area is reduced, we might be able to deprecate it in favor of org.gradle.api.credentials.PasswordCredentials in a subsequent change.

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Support HTTP header based authentication for Maven repositories

Now it's possible to use a custom HTTP header to authorize access to

Maven repositories. This enables Gradle to access private GitLab and TFS

repositories used as Maven repositories or any OAuth2 protected Maven


Resolves #5571.

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Merge pull request #690 from kiddouk:story/S3-repository-can-be-configured-to-authenticate-using-AWS-EC2-instance-metadata

S3 repository can authenticate using AWS EC2 instance metadata

* This is related to

* Note that the AWS S3 Client implementation will now use the following

credentials (in this specific order)



- Java System Properties - aws.accessKeyId and aws.secretKey

- Credential profiles file at the default

location (~/.aws/credentials) shared by all AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI

- Instance Profile Credentials - delivered through the Amazon EC2

metadata service

* The implementation assumes that only ONE authentication can be used

per s3-resource at a time

* This patch enforces that each Authentication now declares

`requiresCredentials` to be explicit

Integration tests:

Note that we cannot mock the instance meta data since it uses the ip so we mock the system properties that the client

CredentialsProviderChain will look for.

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Address review items for Authentication types

+review REVIEW-5569

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fix checkstyle

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Normalize authentication package names

+review REVIEW-5569

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