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Removed `ChildComponent` concept, as it is not required.

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Changed the module metadata file to include the dependencies for each variant. Currently only the group, module and version properties of each dependency is included. Other information such as exclusions, artifacts and so on are not included. These may be added later.

Changed the version of the format to '0.2'.

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Fixed the name of the 'usage' attribute in generated module metadata file so that it matches that used by the C++ and JVM plugins.

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Changed dependency resolution to parse the Gradle module metadata file if present. The result (except for a failure) is ignored for now.

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Initial changes to dependency resolution to use the Gradle module metadata file when present. The file is downloaded and cached when present, but not used yet.

Added a temporary internal flag on `MavenRepository` to enable this behaviour, which is disabled by default. The C++ plugins switch this on.

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Include the list of files for each variant of a component in the generated Gradle metadata file included in a published Maven module.

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Include the list of variants for a component in the generated Gradle metadata file included in a published Maven module.

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Fixed unit test on Windows.

Changed the `maven-publish` and `ivy-publish` plugins to do a better job of calculating the coordinates to use to represent a project dependency in the generated metadata files. Previously, the plugins would fail when there were multiple publications in the target project with different coordinates. Now, the plugins will ignore publications that contain the variants of some other component that is included in another publication.

The C++ plugins use this to inform the publishing plugins (and whatever else cares) which publication is the 'main' publication of the project. The main publication holds details of the component as a whole and is intended to be the 'entry point' for the component.

Using this allows a not-quite-correct workaround to be removed from the C++ plugins and that project dependencies are mapped to coordinates in a consistent way for both C++ and Java components, by shared logic.

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Revert De-duplicate commonly used immutable objects in dependency resolution and IDE changes

Commits reverted:

- 807b1e4f8d1585d93c1de3e9ca83d99d0819e2d2

- 9482b0b05374253cafdb776550d7016385912e04

- 4ecead06b53ec6b0f15c517bf0d0c6a74c3b3c05

- db1135a8a5f1c507e0df3c03ad12ddc963799e4d

- 7350bcbae30a777909cec74ebfd5a91d2c89081e

Additionally, minor changes to avoid usage of introduced

classes and methods from subsequent commits.

Issue: gradle/gradle-private#563

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De-duplicate (= intern) some instances in dependency resolution

- Reduce memory usage of dependency resolution by de-duplicating the

most commonly used immutable instances.

- Objects aren't strictly immutable: displayName is calculated lazily

- solution is thread-safe without synchronization

- lazy calculation is needed for efficient interning since a lookup

will always create a new instance.

- Use strong references in some instance interners

- strong references cause less GC overhead than weak references

- Strong references:







- Weak references:




- Both reference types:



- The reason for special handing is that DefaultBuildIdentifier

has a state field "current" as part of the instance which

isn't part of equals/hashCode.

+review REVIEW-6277

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Revert "Removed `ExtensionContainerInternal` type. It is not used for anything."

This reverts commit 7cbf09e12965fd07c12d4f2fd2600da87c7a25f2 which

caused problems for plugins using `ProjectInternal`.

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Removed `ExtensionContainerInternal` type. It is not used for anything.

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Fix some tests that were leaking file handles

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Don't use common parent class for now

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Introduce test fixture of tests using ProjectBuilder

Automatically uses and cleans up temporary project directory.

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Make DirectInstantiator a singleton.

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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register a "logical" publication whenever a publication is added to `publishing.publications`

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/release'

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GRADLE-2837: Ensure that a dependency project is fully evaluated before it is used by a referencing project in publishing

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Replaced PublicationCoordinates with ModuleVersionIdentifier.

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Project dependencies map to a single publication of the depended-on project - For single publication, use it - For multiple publications, fail unless all publications have the same coordinates - For no publications, use the project coordinates - Added ProjectDependencyPublicationResolver to do the work of determining the coordinates to use for a project dependency

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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REVIEW-924: Made exceptions emitted by PublicationContainer consistent with other container types

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Don't use custom exception type where not necessary (REVIEW-924)

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Use a single integration test for checking error reporting, and separate unit tests for each error condition (REVIEW:924)

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Added GroovyPublicationContainer that extends DefaultPublicationContainer and adds support for publication DSL - Need to review if this is the right way to implement this, and if this should be made into a more generic feature on NamedDomainObjectContainer

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Remove ignored test method.