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Removed `ExtensionContainerInternal` type. It is not used for anything.

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Fix some tests that were leaking file handles

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Don't use common parent class for now

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Introduce test fixture of tests using ProjectBuilder

Automatically uses and cleans up temporary project directory.

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Make DirectInstantiator a singleton.

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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register a "logical" publication whenever a publication is added to `publishing.publications`

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/release'

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GRADLE-2837: Ensure that a dependency project is fully evaluated before it is used by a referencing project in publishing

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Replaced PublicationCoordinates with ModuleVersionIdentifier.

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Project dependencies map to a single publication of the depended-on project - For single publication, use it - For multiple publications, fail unless all publications have the same coordinates - For no publications, use the project coordinates - Added ProjectDependencyPublicationResolver to do the work of determining the coordinates to use for a project dependency

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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REVIEW-924: Made exceptions emitted by PublicationContainer consistent with other container types

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Don't use custom exception type where not necessary (REVIEW-924)

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Use a single integration test for checking error reporting, and separate unit tests for each error condition (REVIEW:924)

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Added GroovyPublicationContainer that extends DefaultPublicationContainer and adds support for publication DSL - Need to review if this is the right way to implement this, and if this should be made into a more generic feature on NamedDomainObjectContainer

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Remove ignored test method.

Add “publish” lifecycle task in “publishing” plugin for concrete publish tasks to hang off.

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Move tests to live in the same package as what they test.

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Don't use a RepositoryHandler for publishing.repositories, use a named object container of ArtifactRepository.

This avoids a bunch of awkwardness that stems from the name of the repository being far more important in publication than consumption. It also avoids propagating the RepositoryHandler API to a new place.

When just the “publishing” plugin is applied, repositories cannot be created. When the “ivy-publish” plugin is applied, the container creates instances of IvyArtifactRepository. This is ok for the initial release because that's the only type that we can deal with. Looking forward, we'll need to expand the domain container stuff to be polymorphic.

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Add package cycle checking to “ivy” and “publish” modules, and break up cycles.

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Remove generic Publish task, replaced with IvyPublish that is restricted to Ivy stuff.

This removed the need for any kind of abstract protocol for matching up things that can publish with certain publications (because we know the publication/repository combination is valid) so a bunch of interfaces that enabled this were removed.

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Mark test as ignored, as it doesn't work.

This probably should work, but requires deeper changes than I'm willing to make at this stage of the release cycle.

Fix exception message on an uknown publication, and some basic unit tests.

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Obtain a RepositoryHandler for publication via DependencyResolutionServices.

This is a bit weird. DependencyManagementServices and friends need some restructuring so we aren't getting publication services through classes with “resolution” in the name.

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Add a “publishing” plugin.

Adds an extension named “publishing” that provides a set of Publication and a set of ArtifactRepository.

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Introduce IvyNormalizedPublication and IvyPublisher into core, and enable the creation of Publishers from IvyArtifactRepository that can publish Ivy publications.

The goal here was to try and cause as little change to existing mechanisms as possible, but enable the new API. As such, the sharing of ArtifactPublisher impls (which backs IvyPublisher) introduced some nasty spaghetti. This will be detangled as ArtifactPublisher and its internals gets restructured to orient towards the new API.

Also, the contract of ArtifactRepositoryInternal has changed in that it now provides Publisher impls based on type tokens. This allows asserting that you have a compatible repository before normalizing the publication.

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Add new Publish task, and associated machinery.

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