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Move `publish` sources to `src/main/java`

No Groovy sources left.

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Use fully-qualified @o.g.a.Incubating in packages

This is a less verbose, less awkward syntax and allows for simpler

programmatic addition / removal when neccessary.

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Introduce ModelMap extends CollectionBuilder and allow to use them interchangeably in rules

+review REVIEW-5491

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Don't require class level Javadoc on package scope classes in the “public space”.

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Change rule source marking from annotation to base class

+review REVIEW-5359

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Change rule source method names in PublishingPlugin to be more descriptive.

+review REVIEW-5176

Configuration performed to “bridged” model element made in afterEvaluate() is visible to creation rule

+review REVIEW-5176

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Move publishing model rule to class rule source.

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Take ModelPath out of the public API.

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move back to `project.afterEvaluate` in PublishingPlugin for now to get test to pass again

use ProjectConfigurationActionContainer rather than `project.afterEvaluate` to register publications with ProjectPublicationRegistry

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changed registration of publishing.publications to happen in project.afterEvaluate (not sure if there is a better way)

register a "logical" publication whenever a publication is added to `publishing.publications`

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Initial work on new rule based configuration model, integrated into the publishing plugin.

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Ensure that the GenerateMavenPom and GenerateIvyDescriptor tasks show up in 'gradle tasks'

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Don't configure @DeferredConfigurable extensions at the end of project configuration. Instead, configure them on demand.

Changed PublishingPlugin to use a configuration action to trigger the configuration of the publishing extension.

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replace usages of TaskContainer.add with TaskContainer.create

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REVIEW-1738: Ensure that all DeferredConfigurable extensions are configured (late) during project evaluation - Added a ProjectEvaluator that gets/configures all DeferredConfigurable extensions after the main project evaluation - Added ExtensionContainer.getAsMap() to make this easy (configure-on-access) - Wrap deferred configuration exceptions in GradleScriptException so that there's no difference between failure during regular script evaluation and deferred configuration.

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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Switched DeferredConfigurable to be an Annotation rather than and interface

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Made PublishingExtension implement DeferredConfigurable - Updated MavenPublishPlugin and IvyPublishPlugin to only configure the PublishingExtension and not access - Configure the PublishingExtension in Project.afterEvaluate() to ensure that tasks are created

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Some tweaks to the output of `gradle tasks` when using the publishing plugins.

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Added GroovyPublicationContainer that extends DefaultPublicationContainer and adds support for publication DSL - Need to review if this is the right way to implement this, and if this should be made into a more generic feature on NamedDomainObjectContainer

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