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Avoid invalid jar in flaky integration test

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Move kotlin-dsl in a sub directory

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Serve the right classpath for scripts in nested projects

By doing a 2nd tooling API query against a potential nested project

whenever the given script cannot be determined to belong to the

imported project.

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Always resolve the script classpath against the imported project dir

To account for subprojects outside the root project directory.

This commit temporarily breaks the support for nested projects like

the ones found in `kotlin-dsl/samples` which shall be restored in a

subsequent commit.

Resolves #1231

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Prove querying the classpath of script plugins with errors works

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Simplify tests

- Remove unnecessary repositories

- Remove unnecessary dependencies


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Let every `settings.gradle.kts` add the `kotlinDev()` repository

In order to make the upgrade to a Kotlin DSL snapshot distro easier.

This behaviour makes sense as long as there are dependencies on Kotlin

pre-release versions.

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Polish `KotlinInitScriptModelIntegrationTest`


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Upgrade Kotlin to 1.2.60-eap-44

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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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