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Add `GeneratePrecompiledScriptPluginAccessors` task skeleton

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Emit type-safe accessors for plugins in the compile classpath

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Move kotlin-dsl in a sub directory

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Make the resolver thread a daemon thread

And fix the name of the class.

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Let script dependencies resolver prioritise requests by recency

And signal the cancellation of superseded requests by responding with


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Increase `IOScope#close` timeout to 1 minute

For clarity, that's one minute to let all pending IO operations

related to code generation complete before proceeding with script

compilation. And that's per project. For comparison, code generation

for all `gradle/gradle` projects complete way under a minute.

Let `DefaultAsyncIOScopeFactory` be `Closeable` so it's stopped

The Gradle service infrastructure requires services to implement

either `` or `o.g.i.concurrent.Stoppable` for their

proper shutdown.

See [CompositeStoppable#toStoppable](

Polish `org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.concurrent.IO`

- Move interfaces and extensions to dedicated file `IO.kt`

- Extract Gradle service interface

- Improve test synchronization

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Use a single IO thread per build

And let it be managed by Gradle's `ExecutorFactory` service.

See #1202

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Split accessor emitter implementation into multiple files

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Check for io failures once more after the thread has ended

To account for failures happening after all the work has been


Polish `AccessorBytecodeEmitter`

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Propagate errors from the writer thread back to the main thread

Don't call `mkdirs()` unnecessarily

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Emit source code

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Prepare `AccessorBytecodeEmitter` to also emit source code

By introducing `AccessorFragment` to hold together all the pieces required to

emit both source and byte code in a single place.

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Move `TODO` comment

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Avoid the Stream API on Java 8

For it makes the script classloading cache integration test fail due

to being too resource hungry.

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Emit bytecode for plugin spec builders directly

This makes code generation faster by a factor of 100 which means it

now takes a few dozen milliseconds rather than a few seconds.

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Replace custom `Either<L, R>` type by builtin type `Result<T>`

Remove unused `tapi` function

Migrate to the official coroutines API

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Polish `RequestQueue`

By extracting common thread and queueing logic into `EventLoop<T>`.

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Move all subprojects to the `subprojects` directory

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