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Delay memory info until first interval has passed

Add missing type safe collections setters on *ForkOptions & *ExecSpec

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Fix NativeOsxAvailableMemory error handling

This fixes ApplyPluginIntegSpec that generates ProjectBuilder based

tests which in turn doesn’t have native integrations enabled.

Sample macOS system memory using native-platform instead of vm_stat

See #1270

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Changed a couple more projects to use `java-library` plugin. Also inject Groovy as a test compile dependency for all projects, and removed the declaration from various project's build files.

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Make Os/JvmMemoryInfo only provide snapshots

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process-services: properly cleanup DefaultMemoryManagerTest

process-services: properly cleanup DefaultMemoryManagerTest

Use an approximation for memory usage when it hasn't been reported

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Cleanup of memory interfaces

Removing unnecessary throws

Remove now unused MaximumHeapHelper

Less frequently used idle worker daemons memory based expiration

Less frequently used idle worker daemons are expired when available system memory gets below a threshold.

Expiration strategy is triggered both by memory sampling and when the build daemon is about to fork a new process, or a new worker daemon. It will attempt to free enough system memory to fit the new process below the threshold according to it's fork options.

This implementation does an approximation on the amount of memory held by worker daemons, using their max heap setting instead of their committed memory. This will be fixed in subsequent changes.

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Move min free memory threshold declaration into DefaultMemoryManager

So we use the same in both the build daemon and worker processes

and don’t repeat it in two places.

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Single ExecutorFactory.createScheduled() method

We only need fixed-size single-threaded scheduled executors.

Use such executors for build daemon gc health checks, expiration checks

and memory sampling.


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First stab at worker processes providing jvm memory information

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Tightening up test for memory status updates

Revert "Fix flakiness due to the MemoryStatus output"

This reverts commit ca754a8b507894359745c79d3129bab4bab78990.

Do not log failure to collect memory status at warn level

Refine memory sampling event publishing

Merge MemoryStatusBroadcaster into MemoryManager

Broadcast start/stop is now isolated in MemoryManager

DaemonHealthStats wait for one JVM memory event

Strengthen tests around health logging

Services depend on ExecutorFactory to use ScheduledExecutorServices

And stop them properly

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Move memory health types from :core to :processServices

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Use sourceCompatibility = 1.6 when building with Java 9

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Changed the default Java version used by our projects to Java 6. For those projects that still need to (partially) run on Java 5, the build scripts for these projects have been updated to declare Java 5 as the source.

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Moved `VmVersionDetector` out of 'launcher' project into new 'jvmServices' project, where it can be reused.

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Renamed 'process' project to 'processServices'

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