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Start migrating test classes to the most appropriate subproject

Story: gradle/langos#103

Item: refactor-plugins

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Simplified implementation of TestLogging.setShowStandardStreams

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Fix of ```test.testLogging.showStandardStreams = false``` The setter was ignoring the flag, so it wasn't possible to disable standardStreams using this setter.

The following sample easily demonstrates the problem with Gradle 2.2.1+:


test {

testLogging {

showStandardStreams = false


// this prints true no matter what value you actually will use in assignment

println("In-tests logging configured: ${project.test.testLogging.showStandardStreams}")



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fixed rebase error

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improvements to test logging

- changed defaults

- logging of exceptions, causes, and stack traces can now be turned on and off individually

- added option for "short" exception logging

- don't show common stack trace elements between cause and parent trace

- improved implementation of entry point stack trace filter

- stack trace filters are now based on org.gradle.api.specs.Spec

- formatting tweaks

- added more tests

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redesign of test logging

- all logging options are declared in org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging.TestLogging

- TestLogging options can be varied per log level

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