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Revert "Merge pull request #6395 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/classesDir"

Reverting since it breaks some cross version checks.

This reverts commit adaf86371e3d58d929030184bfc1c11b60ade1bf, reversing

changes made to 37df84902151344db627d6ea7c67461413ad55c9.

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Let SourceSet expose type-safely that it is ExtensionAware

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Replace internal `SourceDirectorySetFactory` with a method on public `ObjectFactory` service, to allow plugins to create instances of this type without resorting to using internal types.

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Remove SourceSetOutput.classesDir

and `configureForSourceSet`.

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Add annotationProcessor configurations for each SourceSet

And configure the compileJava.options.annotationProcessorPath

to use the configuration when not empty (and use 'null' when

the configuration is empty to preserve the current behavior).

Part of #2300

Signed-off-by: Thomas Broyer <>

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Use separate output directories for all JVM languages

- Introduce an outputDir on SourceDirectorySet

- Default output directory is now `build/classes/<source directory set name>/<source set name>`

- Example: Java compilation goes to build/classes/java/main instead of build/classes/main

- Adapt JDepend, FindBugs, Test and ValidateTaskProperties tasks to handle multiple class directories

- Deprecate setClassesDir/getClassesDir on SourceSetOutput

- Calling setClassesDir restores old behavior (shared output directory)

- Introduce addClassesDir and getClassesDirs on SourceSetOutput

- OSGi plugin needs a single classes directory, so introduce 'osgiClasses' task that syncs all classes to a single directory

Most of the changes to integration tests are find classes in their new location. Helper methods in AbstractIntegrationSpec

can locate class files vs hardcoding a path.

Squashed commit of sg-split-jvm-classes branch for REVIEW-6502

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Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'""

This reverts commit c6cd884e1a8889fb25d26dfcfdfa79d896835e11.

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Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'"

This reverts commit 0d442a55b445f537efbce65267ce9418fce2e7a8, reversing

changes made to 04647ab69fc8d19186cd2a78124ea74b8a89cc0f.

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Fix test case

Rename `apiCompile` to `apiElements`

to match the `runtimeElements` configuration name.

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Initial setup of the API and API compile configurations

This is the initial step to provide API/impl separation for the current model. The commit

introduces two new configurations:

- `api` is a bucket of dependencies configuration where the user would declare the dependencies of its

API. That configuration is not transitive, and reflects the dependencies which are strictly required

when some component needs to compile against this component.

- `apiCompile` is a consumer only configuration which extends the `api` configuration and provides

the compile classpath when a component compiles against this component. It will therefore contain

the dependencies of `api`, plus the API classes. The form in which we provide the API classes has

yet to be defined (could be a jar, a class directory, stubs, ...).

See: gradle/performance#180

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Favor Groovy SAM type coercion over anonymous class

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#124

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Add missing Action<?> overloads to SourceSet

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#124

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Add 'compileClasspath' configuration to all source sets

- Creates another configuration, 'compileClasspath', for all source sets

- This configuration extends from 'compileOnly'

- Source set's compileClasspath is set to 'compileClasspath' configuration

+review REVIEW-5807

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Add 'compileOnly' configuration for each source set.

This commit creates a new 'compileOnly' configuration for each declared source set. Dependencies added to this source set are used during compilation only. They are not included on the runtime classpath, are not inherited by test classpath, are not included in 'deployable' artifacts such as WARs, EARs or application distributions, are not exported to consuming projects, and are not included in published metadata.

+review REVIEW-5807

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Introduced a factory to create `SourceDirectorySet` instances, to avoid exposing the dependencies of `DefaultSourceDirectorySet` to all the places that need to create a `SourceDirectorySet`.

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Polishing changes to use PatternSpecFactory +review REVIEW-5627

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
Manage creation of most PatternSet instances

- use managed CachingPatternSpecFactory instance for

these PatternSet instances

+review REVIEW-5627

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Changed JavaBasePlugin to create compile and process resources tasks using the legacy types rather than the software model type. This allows the software types to be created later (ie as rules require them).

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Some unit test coverage for handling of task dependencies for various FileCollection implementations.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Some cleanup of native services initialization in unit tests

+review REVIEW-5378

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rewordings and test fixes related to improving string representation for source sets

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
added method SourceSet.getJarTaskName()

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
- Changed JavaBasePlugin to add a compile and runtime configuration for each source set. - Changed DependencyHandler so that a configuration can be used as the right-hand side of a dependency declaration. Simply a shortcut for extendsFrom(), but keeps all the dependencies grouped in one place. - Reworked some samples to simplify.

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Fixed deprecation warnings related to sourceSet.classes -> sourceSet.output in the remaining files

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Housekeeping: Added deprecation warning for sourceSets.outpu.classes -> Fixed the human description of the SourceSet's output.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Moved the classesDir and resourcesDir properties to the so that it is clearer

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- Fixed case where duplicate source directories were added to eclipse project when the java source directory was also configured as a resource directory. - Changed SourceSet.allJava, allGroovy, allScala and allSource to return a SourceDirectorySet instead of a generic FileTree. Removed code from ide plugins which reached into the implementation types for these properties, and use the api instead. This will later allow us to have per-directory include/excludes, and allow arbitrary file collections to be added to source sets.

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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