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Converted `CreateStartScripts` task to Java

Also sorted the `converted-types.txt` file for readability

+review REVIEW-6081

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Add a Groovy subclass for binary compatibility.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Convert CreateStartScripts to Java.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Remove new line.

+review REVIEW-5416

Fix Javadoc sample tests.

+review REVIEW-5416

Polished documentation on new functionality across user guide, Javadocs and release notes.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Use concrete type instead of parameterizing the generators.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Moved classes to different package.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Expose ScriptGenerator instances for Unix and Windows to users of task. For now funnel through StartScriptGenerator to avoid having to change other integration points.

+review REVIEW-5416

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Remove @author tags and names from source code.

- Added checkstyle check for @author

- Added not to saying that we don't use names in the codebase

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CreateStartScripts: defaultJvmOpts default value handling streamlined

ApplicationPlugin/CreateStartScripts: defaultJvmOpts settable

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- Merged GFileUtils.createDirectory() into mkdirs() - Replaced all usages of File.mkdirs() with GFileUtils.mkdirs().

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GRADLE-2500: Make CreateStartScripts public.

GRADLE-1730 - Use StartScriptGenerator to generate the wrapper scripts, so that now we have a single source for all generated scripts.

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GRADLE-1730 - Merged start script generation stuff for the gradle distribution and the application plugin, so that there's only 1 place to fix problems. - Added more int test coverage for application plugin and gradle command-line.

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further improvements to application plugin

- slightly changed how base dir name for distribution zip is determined

- general code improvements

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groovyfied application plugin code polishing

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GRADLE-1427, GRADLE-1438 - Fixed behaviour for application install path. - Replaced installDirName with installDir, which points to the actual directory which the application will be installed into, rather than its parent directory. - Include project version in the root directory name in the distribution zip. - Added applicationName convention property, to allow the application name to be different to the project name. - Changed CopySpec.into(path) and into(path, closure) to allow a closure to be passed as the destination path.

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Fixed broken int tests on windows

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GRADLE-1326 - Some updates to application plugin - Moved CreateStartScripts from o.g.a.internal.tasks.application to o.g.a.tasks.application and added to DSL reference - Renamed 'createStartScripts' task to 'startScripts' - Changed 'install' to use Sync instead of Copy - Allow application name and opts environment var to be customised for generated scripts

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