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Add `apply false` option to `plugins` block

This solves two use cases at once:

- only using some classes from a plugin without applying it

- applying a plugin to sub-projects without applying it to the root project

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Revert plugins.subprojects syntax, as we are considering another solution

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Allow applying plugins to subprojects using new DSL

This change adds new `subprojects` and `allprojects` methods to the `plugins`

DSL, which allow users to apply plugins to multiple subprojects at once.

The plugins are resolved in the context of the parent project and put on

the parent's classpath. This ensures that the parent can cross-configure its

children. A side-effect is that unrelated subprojects will see those plugin

classes too, even though they are not applied to them.

The `plugins` block is no longer backed by an AST transformation, but is

now compiled, exactly like the `buildscript` and `pluginRepositories` blocks.

This will give users greater flexibility to conditionally apply plugins in the

future. Currently no access is granted to any methods outside of the `plugins`

API though.

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Give plugin artifact repositories more unique names

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Allow multiple plugin repositories

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