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Use 'java-library' and 'api' in JavaGradlePluginPlugin

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Use 'java-library' and 'api' in JavaGradlePluginPlugin

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Push some details from `ProjectPublication` down into various subtypes.

Change the IDE metadata publications so that they also extend `ProjectPublication`. These are still registered separately.

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Rework `ProjectPublicationRegistry` API so that different kinds of local publications can carry different information.

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Allow plugins defined in included builds to be resolved using the `plugins { }` block.

The `plugins { }` block in a build script will now substitute a binary plugin with a plugin that has the requested plugin id and that is defined in an included build using the `java-gradle-plugin` plugin. Does not substitute plugins defined in the root build, or in the consuming included build, or in any source dependency. Does not substitute plugins that are not defined using the `java-gradle-plugin`.

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Fix Spock parameter type issue in JavaGradlePluginPluginTest

Convert unit test into an integration test

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Convert `plugin-development` project to lazy tasks

Signed-off-by: Thomas Broyer <>

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Remove awkward tests

This functionality is covered in JavaGradlePluginPluginIntegrationTest.

Disallow adding tasks or providers directly to the task container

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Switch the Java Gradle plugin development plugin from the `java` plugin to `java-library`


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Add group and description for tasks created by plugin dev plugin

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Revert "Make slow unit test into integration test"

This reverts commit d8ff2968bfd11194564c5bbc68011b358494a9ff.

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Make slow unit test into integration test

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Revert `BatchOutputEventListener` in preference to more localized change

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Draft parallel console implementation

This allows Gradle to show multiple items in progress when attached

to an interactive terminal.

This is achieved by:

First, breaking apart ConsoleBackedProgressRenderer into 3 filters:

- ThrottlingOutputEventListener buffers OutputEvents and flushes

them after a certain period of time or if the build has ended

- BuildStatusRenderer maintains a Label that displays overall

build progress (formerly the "status bar")

- WorkInProgressRenderer maintains a BuildProgressArea and

associates one branch of a ProgressOperations "tree" to a Label

representing work in progress for multiple workers.

Second, externalizing and enhancing concepts within AnsiConsole:

- Cursor represents a position in the terminal, using a cartesian

coordinate system with origin (0, 0) at the bottom left

- MultiLineProgressArea is a TextArea implementation with

addressible lines through Labels.

- Style represents ANSI text colors and emphases.

- Span is simply an association between a Style and String of


- AnsiExecutor is an ANSI-aware text writer. It accepts Actions

that may reposition the Cursor and write styled text

Finally, logging improvements. Project evaluation logging was

extracted from build progress logging. Build progress logs are

formatted with a ProgressBar formatter and submitted through

the same ProgressOperations mechanism. These ProgressOperations

are selected by the BuildStatusRenderer and rendered separately

from other ProgressOperations for now. In the future, we will

have must stronger semantics around this using BuildOperations.

Issue: gradle/gradle-private#649

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Fixed unit tests for change to properties of an implementation type.

Fix some tests that were leaking file handles

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Merged 2.14-rc-1 into master

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Address plugin publishing review comments

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Don't use common parent class for now

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Introduce test fixture of tests using ProjectBuilder

Automatically uses and cleans up temporary project directory.

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Tests should clean up files they create

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Uses native services

Needs to use JUnit test rule to clean up temp dir

Automate plugin publishing in 'java-gradle-plugin'

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Moved logging events to live in their own package.

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Moved logging test fixtures from 'core' to 'logging' project.

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Moved internal logging classes from 'core' to 'logging' project.

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Preparation for swapping over to fat/relocated gradleApi() and gradleTestKit() dependencies

- Integration test using gradleApi() internally needs to execute with forked executer to properly resolve fat JAR.

- Decouple test using ProjectBuilder from use of gradleApi() to avoid necessity to generate fat JAR.

+review REVIEW-5867

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